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Meet the Writer: Passionate Christian Quintero

Our team counts with an amazing guy who is key in the dynamic of keeping Her Campus diverse and focused. His unique vision of life is not only inspiring, but also empowering to each of us. His pieces are filled with heart, substance and a bit of pixie dust, to lift you up in your worst days and cheer you up. Keep reading to learn more about this offbeat writer, Christian Quintero.


Name: Christian Quintero

Mayor: Psychology & English Literature 

Graduation date: Eventually

Hometown: Mayagüez


HC: Why did you decide to join Her Campus?

The simplest answer is that women fascinate me; I’m fascinated by their cause, by their passions, by their love. Being the son of a woman who at one point was a single mother, I have a particular sensitivity to the silent wars that plague womankind. Apart from that, as a Psychology and English Literature major it’s not only my responsibility to observe and understand women, it’s also my responsibility to narrate their stories.

HC: What sets you apart from the other members of the team?

As the only guy in the Her-Campus UPRM team, I can offer perspective from an angle not many pay attention to. But really, I’m just a silly homo on the pursuit of happiness throwing a little comedy confetti wherever I can. I don’t see life through a single lens, my view is constantly evolving; I see life through a kaleidoscope. 

HC: What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about people, the way the sunset hits their eyes, the way they fall in love, the way they pursue happiness, identity and happiness with a fervor no other species has of yet manifested. But most of all, I’m passionate about the magic and strength that burns in all those that stand up with their head held high in the face of heartbreak and tragedy. I won’t deny that while I walk a thin line between pessimism and realism, behind closed doors I believe in a world where something good can come, a world will something good will come. 

HC: Who inspires you?

Stories. There’s a difference between learning facts and learning truths, and in my experience I’ve never witnessed a greater intersection of either than in the stories that molded our most fertile minds. There’s a story behind every theory and fact you know. More often than not, what you have learned to be absolute has a history that changes the entirety of its meaning. Chris Pratt was homeless, Freud had a questionable relationship with his daughter, and the list goes on and on. If you ever grow to love someone or something, make sure you also understand their origin. Things aren’t always what they seem, and that can be as much the epicenter of inspiration as of personal annihilation.




Former Chief Editor and Campus Correspondent at the Her Campus UPRM chapter of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Writing in NYC, living the dream.
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