Medal Recap for Our CAAMpeones

These past days have been full of events for colegiales as Las Justas Intercolegiales started. This year 15 of our athletic teams are representing la sangre verde.

On Thursday, April 14th, the female soccer team, Las Juanas, passed to the finale after defeating the, 5-time-champion, IUPI team. The girls snatched the silver medal opposed to the Interamerican University’s team at a game that wrapped up 3-1. “You know how colegio fans are! Even after we lost me ran into the field to take pictures with the team and sing our anthem” shared Andrea Rivera a Physical education major at UPRM. Nevertheless, colegiales did get to celebrate the well-deserved gold won by the male judo team. 

That same afternoon the male softball team competed in the finale versus Turabo University loosing by knockout. Our fanatical never stopped cheering, and celebrated those silvers like they were gold. While our softball Juanas triumphed over UPRB Vaqueras, bringing home a hard-worked bronze medal. 

Even though there is one more day of competition for the swimming category, our CAAMpus Cutie Alex Hernandez already brought home the gold. yesterday, April 15th, Las Juanas female beach volleyball team won the gold after an exciting match against Las Jerezanas from UPR-Río Piedras.  And as soon as today, Thursday April 16th, the female table tennis team showed all they had against the Interamerican University and won silver for their alma mater. 

Upcoming games for our Juanas include the acclamied cheerleading competition and track & field. Currently we are second place in the overall position chart of the LAI Justas 2015. Proud of our Bulldogs performance, and hoping for a lot more triumphs to come this weekend, we are glad to say LA DINASTÍA ESTÁ DE VUELTA! Antes, ahora y siempre…COLEGIO!