Love Between Women

Love between women is so beautiful, complex, and necessary. We are all about empowering each other and we celebrating our loved ones' accomplishments like they are ours. For love between women means we cheer and feel happy for each other when we achieve what we desire.

“Hello, beautiful. Love that top on you.” The way we compliment each other, and the way we cheer each other up is simple, yet so needed. Love between women conquers our feelings. Between every hug, laughter and smile we manage to take care of every single one of us.

We have what it takes to conquer the world and make it a better place. Love between women means that we can do whatever we want because we have the companionship of each and every one of those amazing human beings we call women!

We have the power of lifting each other up and there's nothing better thing than doing so. We are there for each and every one of us, it doesn't matter if we don't know each other, we are there to make sure no one is left behind!

We hope the best for ourselves and everyone else and when things don’t go as planned, we wait until the moment is right and we catch each other as we fall and help one another stand up and keep going.

“Lend me your purse, and I’ll do your makeup,” “can you look at my butt and see if everything's okay?” Those simple words and actions let us bond with each other like no man ever will. Because we understand what other women are going through, because we are women and we got our backs!

Love between women means companionship, it means we are not alone. Need cheering up? No worries, your best friend is right there. Had a rough day? It’s alright, we’ll eat ice-cream together.

Love between women is nice, when we compliment or get complimented genuinely our mood rises almost immediately. That's what love between women does, it lifts us up and makes us believe that we don't need a man’s approval, because we don't, we have each other.

The most wonderful thing in life is the feeling of discovering another human being that shares our same personality and passions, not romantically, but just as someone who we can share who we are.

Love between women, means we will have a true friend in every corner, even if we seem to be alone. There's always someone ready to smile at you and tell you how amazing you are, it's just what women do.

We are always in the disposition of doing what we think is best for everyone and it will never matter what we have to do to achieve a smile from someone else, we'll make it work and conquer the happiness inside every soul.

Because we are women, we are the shine for everyone else's shadow, so this one goes to our best friends, mothers, sisters, and all those beautiful women that have been there when we needed them most. 

Thank you. For being there, for being yourself and for letting us be who we want to be.