Local Shops: Only Pleasure

A local sex shop ready to help us be stress free? Yes, please!


Yes, you heard right, today we will talk about a sex shop! The store is called Only Pleasure, situated at Aguada, Puerto Rico, and the store owners, Erick and Florangely were kind enough to tell us all about them!

Only Pleasure, “where we make your life a pleasure.” Oh, yes, I like the sound of that!


Only Pleasure is a local store with a big, *emphasis on big,* variety of lingerie and pheromone perfumes. Erick and Florangely also sell lubricants, oils, candles, and sex toys. You know, for every type of fun! *insert pervy emoji* They like to give their clients a feeling of trust, professionalism, and confidentiality. Aside from this, Erick and Florangely are well prepared to educate their clients with any questions or doubts they might have, so don’t be afraid to ask. They own a sex shop, they know what they are talking about, goals okay?

This store is a product of a crazy idea seven years ago, when the owners were searching products for a school supply they previously owned and instead of buying notebooks, they bought dildos and vibrators. How in the world does someone go from selling pencils to selling dildos?! The idea of selling erotic products had previously crossed their minds, for they thought it was something that would catch the clients’ attention since there wasn’t a local sex shop nearby. It's necessary you know. They closed the school supplies shop they were looking at and began a deep search into the erotic world. At the time of this purchase, the owners had no idea what they had gotten into, and even worse, why they bought these supplies. Yet, after spending time studying every product, yeah, *studying* is a good word, they managed to understand what they were doing. You know, really understand. *wink, wink*

Months later, they closed the school supply and started the new business  and, since then, they have continued serving their clients in a discrete and educational manner .

As mentioned before, Only Pleasure is located at Aguada, but they make deliveries to their clients’ jobs as well as to their homes, just in case they get shy.

Some of the lines they work with are Crazy Girl, Coochy, Kamasutra, Sliquid, Pipedream, and more!



For those who want to have fun and create unforgettable moments, Only Pleasure is the place to go! If you want to contact them, you can email them at [email protected], call Florangely at (787) 233-1550 or Erick at (787) 238-4374, or like their Facebook page named Only Pleasure (@onlypuertorico).

If hell week is getting to you, don’t be shy, you are always welcomed at Only Pleasure!