KarlaPatriciaMakeUp Tells All and Does My Make Up

Beauty influencers and makeup artists have become one of the biggest crowds of internet celebrities on different social media websites. They’re regular people, just like you and me, who have incredible aesthetic abilities and dedicate their platforms to reviewing beauty products, making tutorials of hair and makeup techniques, and creating beautiful looks which are available to everyone with internet access around the globe.


Karla Patricia Laracuente, 19, is an Instagram beauty blogger and make up artist with a growing social media following, and best of all, she's a Colegial.


            Credit: @karlapatriciamakeup


After setting up an appointment with her, I drove up to Karla’s home Friday afternoon to get glammed up. I had no special occasion for which to do my makeup, but I was all up for the experience of getting my makeup done and maybe get some inspiration for the holidays.


For someone like me who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, the holidays are always stressful. I usually spend weeks watching YouTube tutorials trying to find a makeup look I love and matches my outfit as well, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn what works exactly for me.


Karla quickly got to work as soon as we went into the house. As she was applying primer to my face, the Cabo Rojo native began telling me about her passion.


Have you always loved makeup?


Not really, I never wore a lot of makeup to school. My everyday look was the “no makeup-makeup look.” It was after my senior prom my love for it began to flourish. I had my makeup done for that day and I absolutely loved how it turned out. After that, I wanted to learn how to do it myself.


What inspired you to become an Instagram beauty influencer?


My friends encouraged me to start a beauty site because it was becoming very popular to blog about beauty products and such. After my senior prom, I used to practice makeup looks on myself all the time and one day I noticed what I did wasn't half bad and that's when I decided to open my own account.


How do you find inspiration to constantly come up with new content to post?


Sometimes I take inspiration from other Instagram influencers and other times I spend hours in my room by myself, playing with all my makeup and coming up with different ideas to share with my followers.


Credit: @karlapatriciamakeup

Karla Patricia began her Instagram account on March 2017 and already has more than a thousand Instagram followers.


Who are your favorite YouTubers?


I love NikkieTutorials, she's the most creative when it comes to bold makeup looks in my opinion. Tati Westbrook, I love her reviews and she seems very down to earth. I also like to watch MannyMUA, Laura Lee, Jacklyn Hill, Jeffrey Starr, and Jackie Aina.


Credit: @karlapatriciamakeup

Aside from being an online beauty blogger, she's also a junior Marketing student and a freelance makeup artist.


What process do you usually follow to do your clients’ makeup?


Basically what I'm doing with you. First, I start by putting a thin layer of primer; then, I start prepping the eyes. I take several things into consideration of course, one of the most important being their complexion. I also consider their eye color and shape, the colors they'll be wearing, and what's the occasion they'll be wearing the makeup to.


Credit: @karlapatriciamakeup

Laracuente wishes to build her brand by pursuing a career involving makeup and marketing. She wants her followers to recognize her platforms as honest and trustworthy.


If you had the chance to…

Karla: “Hold that thought, I gotta do your eyeliner.”

Me: *holds breath for what felt like forever*

Karla: “okay, you can continue.”

Me: “Phew”


If you had the chance to do a video collaboration with any of your favorite YouTubers, who would it be?


First of all, I'd die… but I say NikkieTutorials or Tati Westbrook; it would be a great learning experience with any of them.


What about a collaboration with any makeup brand, which one would you choose?


NYX! My favorite drugstore makeup brand. Also, I would love to be on their PR list! Well, I would love to be on every PR list, but NYX is one of the top ones.


Karla: Do you want a bold lip or a neutral lip?

Me: let's do a bold lip!

Karla: lip topper?

Me: yes, go for it!

Karla: Great! We're all done then! Now, smile!


Me completely fangirling over my makeup


Getting my makeup done by a beauty influencer was a super awesome experience! I had a great time and learned a lot as well. Needless to say, I was completely pleased with how my makeup turned out.



If you, or anyone you know is interested in being glammed up for the holidays, consider contacting Karla Patricia, support your fellow Colegiales!


You can find Karla Patricia on:

Instagram: @karlapatriciamakeup

Facebook: @karlapatriciamakeup