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Judging you based on the kind of Chocolate you want on Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and stores are filled to the brim with chocolates in cute heart shaped packaging. Whether you receive them as a gift or purchase them yourself, we all have favorites. I will be judging you based on your chocolate preferences this Valentine’s Day as if I’m an expert in these things, even though I’m not qualified at all. However, to be fair, no one is an expert because this has no scientific basis whatsoever. I will be listing various kinds of sweets, and I will tell you what kind of person you are based on your pick. Be prepared to either get roasted, complemented, or both. 

Of course, this is all in good fun—please don’t take anything I wrote too seriously. If I’m wrong, just enjoy me failing at describing you or your friends. 

  1. Random assorted chocolates (e.g.Russel Stover) 

I feel like you love aesthetics and themes, hence these very classic and cute chocolate boxes that catch your eye. You probably have a good, or at least decent, sense of fashion. However, everytime I see people eat these boxes, they end up throwing half of them away because most of the flavors aren’t very pleasant. However, you don’t throw them away right away: you put them in the fridge because you don’t wanna be wasteful, but they end up living there for eternity until you muster the courage to throw them out. Hence, I believe you are a procrastinator and hate confrontation. 

  1. Kit Kat’s

I like Kit Kats—don’t get me wrong. They are great, but if you want specifically Kit Kats over any chocolate on Valentine’s day. You are a picky eater. I didn’t make the rules. Everyone whose favorite chocolate is Kit Kat has the palate of an 8 year old. Enjoy your chicken nuggets with that.

  1. Coconut flavor chocolates

“Officer, it’s this one right here”

You are a menace to society. Who likes these?

  1. Ferrero Rocher (Gold Ones) or Mon Cheri 

You feel really fancy eating these. They are delicious. You either like to enjoy the small things in life or are a tad bit materialistic with a serious online shopping addiction. 

  1. Dark chocolate

People who like dark chocolate are usually obsessed with health and working out. However, they tend to have a coffee addiction but they claim they don’t have one. Usually they are nice people, but I could be wrong. 

  1. Chocolate covered Cherries 

You somehow managed to be the most organized yet disorganized person ever. You are an extreme perfectionist in some things, such as cleanliness, studies, etc. However, you somehow manage to have terrible time management skills.  

  1. Hershey chocolate

I feel like this is a very basic chocolate. If this is what you want for Valentine’s day, I’d say you’re extremely hard to read, and people have a hard time figuring you out.

  1. M&Ms

You are a chill person. You like to take things slow, and you are good at handling big changes in life, but you also hate change. You probably will cry when stressed but still manage to come through somehow. 

  1. Mint Chocolate

I do not like mint chocolate, but people who do tend to be really creative or good at improvising. Which makes sense, because you have to be in order to like such an odd flavor combo. You also have great teeth because if you like chocolate that tastes like you ate it right after gurgling some listerine your dental health must be immaculate. 

  1. No chocolate: You Prefer Candy (e.g.,  Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers)

You are a really cool person, but you literally bounce off the walls. Your not JUST

 energetic—you literally look like a person who injects coffee into their veins rather than drink it. However, this energy can go one of two ways: 

  1. You are bad at concentrating and get distracted by everything
  2. You are super anxious most of the time

That being said, you are awesome and usually kind to others. 


Daniella Angueira is currently completing a bachelor's in English and a minor in Writing and Communications. She loves baking, savory foods and is always looking to try something new. One would usually find her studying, eating, or planning her next life goals.
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