Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette, Is It Out of This World Amazing or Another Conspiracy Theory?

Disclaimer: This is about the product NOT the brands behind them. I’ve been able to separate the art from the artist in this instance, however it’s completely understandable and fair to have your reservations towards this particular brand due to its owners controversy. XOXO, D.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics released their holiday collection which is all Alien themed. I was able to snatch up the STAR of the show, the ALIEN palette. Being sold out in less than a week, this has been JSC’s biggest launch to date. There have been restocks and more are planned to be made, since the palette is going to be part of the permanent collection. Now, is this palette other-wordly or just another “meh”?


1. Price:

Jeffree Star is no stranger to hefty prices and at $52 this is no exception. The palette has 18 shades, same as Blood Sugar. Each shade comes down to the price of $2.89, which is pretty good compared to other single eyeshadows in the market. The shipping cost is about $6.00-$10.00, which would bring your order to about $60.00.


2. Performance:

This palette is a pressed pigment palette and it is also cool-toned, thus the palette is a bit difficult to work with, though not impossible. This palette is very bold, and not for the faint of heart. Since it is a pressed pigment palette, you definitely need an eyeshadow primer for it to work amazingly. The shades Area 51 and Flying Saucer are a bit hard to blend but are very pigmented and, with a bit of work, blendable.The shimmers are a bit crumbly and loose, but are incredibly metallic and soft.


3. Uniqueness:

The palette is highly unique and different. I have never seen an arrangement of color so different  yet so cohesive in other releases. This year has been the continuation of the warmed toned looks; however, Jeffree Star Cosmetics brings you a dark cool-toned palette that has amazing shimmers and mattes. I can bet no one has this palette in their collection.


The alien palette has its flaws, it’s not easy to blend but that happens often with cool toned palettes. The purple is a bit difficult to work with and the greens are a bit sheer. However, if you like this color arrangement, this is a MUST have. The pigment is there, and the formula is super similar to its warm toned counterpart Blood Sugar.


Overall Rating 8/10