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It’s a New Beginning for All is Fused

Taking the Puerto Rican jazz scene by storm, All is fused surprises fans with their second album The Beginning. After the hit of their first album, Before, the jazz group takes on the journey to their new production now available for pre-sale.

This new album from these young jazz musicians is evidently different from their first production. Joan Torres, leader of the band and engineering graduate from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, said “the music has darker sensibilities and the sound is more intense. I believe that these are tougher times most of us are living at the moment where every day is filled with more uncertainty than before.” The Beginning features eight tracks and known local jazz musicians.

As the second album for the group, The Beginning reflects the professional and personal growth of each one of the band’s members. Torres shared: “I’ve been performing a lot more in various genres and new environments. I believe that through these experiences I earned enough confidence to draw from many musical influences I thought I had lost.” All is fused’s members are recent university graduates and have been able to take on the academic workload, as well as the artist workload.

This is the second-time around for All is fused, so certainly some things have improved for the recording phase. The band leader said:  “Though we had experience with this already, the new concepts, the unity in the group, and the fact that the new music is more daring created a whole new experience for us.” The band finished up recording in February 2014 and cannot wait to listen to the final product.

The Beginning features jazz-like chord progressions found along the track selection, there are also a few tracks which are funky, bouncy and classic at the same time. To what listeners can expect from the album Torres said “They can expect honest music made with emotions and without compromise. We didn’t try to polish a sound in order to appeal to a broader audience. We worked on a sound that fit for each tune in order to be faithful to what each track represents.”

Track list:

  1. Summoning
  2. Release
  3. Disjunct Realities
  4. Mess
  5. There Was You
  6. Disruption
  7. Nightmare
  8. Escape

Collaborating musicians: 

  • Sergio González-  Guitar
  • Emanuel Rivera- Piano
  • Fernando García- Drums
  • Jonathan Suazo -Alto Sax
  • Gabriel Vicéns- Guitar
  • Gerson Orjuela- Drums
  • Joan Torres- Bass


Mónica Ocasio is a senior majoring in comparative literature, with a minor in Italian at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez. Born, raised and living in Puerto Rico, Mónica has always enjoyed reading a good book, spending time with her family and baking.
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