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In July 2015, the musical Hamilton hit the Richard Rodgers theater in New York City. Created by the talented puertorriqueño Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton took the Broadway scene by storm and the hearts of millions of people. In 2016, I heard for the first time the Hamilton soundtrack, and like many, instantly fell in love with the sold-out broadway show.


So it can be imagined that I was over the moon when Lin-Manuel announced that the musical was going to head over to Puerto Rico and with him as the lead roll, Alexander Hamilton, and with every penny being donated to The Flamboyan Foundation; to support the arts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane María hit the island.



I had been aching for a chance to see the musical since I first heard Lin-Manuel singing the lines to “Alexander Hamilton”. That same track I first listened to thanks to some College friends. I was so determined that I was going to be able to see the musical that I even got a picture on the Richard Rodgers door when in New York last summer.



Lin-Manuel had announced the musical, the dates were set and I had saved 300 dollars, because I knew that I wanted good seats for when the tickets went on sale; I was prepared. But during the end of the semester my laptop broke down and I had to spend my ticket money, I was so heartbroken. Then the tickets went on sale and not only did I not have the money, but they sold out on the first day;I was devastated. Until I remembered about the lottery on the Hamilton Official app!


I began entering the lottery everyday, for every performance. But I was getting worried because classes where going to start on January 15 and I was leaving to Mayagüez on the 12. I decided to leave on the 14 and therefore decided to enter the last lottery; the one for the January 13th show. And on January 12, 2019 at 7:03 pm I received the notification of my dreams!



I WON THE LOTTERY! I started sobbing while reading the message that lead me to the room where it happens! I couldn’t believe it. I had loved the musical since the first time I heard it. And now I was going to see LIN MANUEL MIRANDA play Hamilton in our island! So it was no surprise that my heart broke when on the day of the performance I got an email that said that there was no ticket waiting for me on the box office.


I was extremely preoccupied because even though the email read that I had a ticket for another date, whichever I wanted, I couldn’t go any other date because the semester was going to start on the 15 and the only day I could get to Mayagüez was on the 14. Therefore, I explained that to the lucky seat support center and they explained my troubles to the box office and soon enough I received an email that read


“We can’t wait for you to be in the room where it happens TODAY! Enjoy the show, tickets will be waiting for you at the ticket office!”


I was extremely excited and had a mix of emotions but nothing cant compare to the moment they handed me my ticket! I was there, about to see Hamilton and nothing could make this better. But somehow it got better! I thought that since I got lottery tickets, I was going to be far away, and don’t get me wrong I didn’t care if I was on the last row on the last seat because, all I wanted was to be in the room where it happens. To my surprise my ticket was on the first floor, row number eleven seat number seven!


When I got to my seat a lady asked me if I was happy to be there, to what I answered beaming with excitement “Of course I am and even more knowing that I’m upfront with lottery tickets!” She was shocked and replied “Don’t tell me that! I paid over $300 to be here and you’re sitting next to me thanks to a lottery?!” I just smiled. Because nothing was going to ruin my night!


Hamilton was better than I could ever imagined it could be while listening to the soundtrack in my dorm room. It was a story full of talented stars that danced and sang in unity. Followed by a crowded theater that was beaming with pride watching how Lin-Manuel Miranda left it all on the stage. I was left speechless, sobbing of happiness and feeling extremely grateful that I got the chance to be in room where it happens!


 English Major at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez! Remember, the sky is no longer the limit.   
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