I Tried Innisfree Skincare for a Week: Survival Kit Review

Innisfree is a Korean skincare beauty line that offers innovative beauty products. They’re all about healthy beauty and a sustainable green life. I got to try a few products from their line as part of our Survival Kits which I tried for a week (with the exception of the sheet mask), and here’s how it went.



*Disclaimer: I don’t have any skin issues or severe acne. My skin is combo, and I only get acne around that time of the month.


Intensive Hydrating Serum: Though I did not enjoy the smell, this serum was incredibly moisturizing. I don't like the feeling of creams, but this one absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling healthy and hydrated.


Sheet Mask: I only used these a couple of times because I was trying out these products for a week, but they are really hydrating and leave your skin feeling nourished. These are really affordable and perfect for a Girls Night In along with some wine while watching The Bachelor.


Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream: Just like the name states, this cream is super hydrating and though I only used it for a week, I felt that my skin was tighter. This is an affordable eye cream and I totally recommend it.


Intensive Hydrating Cream: This cream worked amazing for my skin and definitely a must-have from this line. My face felt hydrated and overall tighter than when I started using it.



Though I only tried all of these products for a week for the purposes of this article and there weren’t any major changes, these products did improve my skin. All of the products I tried from this range, worked really well with my skin and left it nourished and healthy. It is an affordable line and totally worth trying out.