How -To Pack the Perfect Carry-On Bag

You’re one week away from the so waited trip you’ve been planning for the past six months. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a week or for a month; packing is always the hard part. First, you’re worried you’ll leave something vital behind. Then the worry is you’ll over pack. Well, packing really depends on the length of your trip and of course, the destination. While packing the big suitcase may be a headache, prepping up your carry-on bag can be a bit more stress free. Just make sure to go through this checklist at least twice before leaving home.

  1. Travel documents

Organize all travel documents (passport, airline tickets, reservations, money, etc.) and store them in an accessible place, so they don’t get mixed up with the rest of your baggage.

  1. Extra load of clothes

Sadly enough, airlines get baggage lost a frequent number of times. Hopefully this won’t be your case, but it’s better to take cautions. Pack an extra load of clothes in case of any emergency; make sure to include fresh underwear.

  1. Tooth brush with toothpaste

This doesn’t need an explanation, cleaning your teeth right upon arrival will give you a really fresh feeling and will help with the sleepy feeling caused by the flight.

  1. Electronics of value

Precisely because airlines get baggage mixed up it’s important to keep at hand any belongings of value.

  1. Book or magazine

Traveling consists of a long period of time that can surely be well spent catching up with one of your newest additions to your library or even a good magazine.

  1. Snacks

Airlines provide snacks and meals, but it’s outside the plane that the snacks come in handy. Airport security does permit airtight snacks, so be sure to only pack these. Good choices are protein bars, trial mix bars or oatmeal bars.

  1. Neck pillow

This will probably be your best friend along the trip. Having a neck pillow allows you to close your eyes for a bit in the most comfortable way; nobody wants to arrive with a spasm.

  1. Earplugs

For some people silence is sacred when trying to rest, others just might want to read in silence and focus. Whatever your situation, a pair of earplugs is a must for an airplane trip.

  1. Wipes and/or hand sanitizer

Airports and airplanes are spaces with lots of people, which mean germs are all around. Not to worry, just carry with you some wipes and hand sanitizer for whatever situation you may have.

  1. Jacket or blanket

Most airplanes and airports are very cold, so you might want to take with you something that will keep you warm. If you choose to take a blanket make sure is a small one, which is easier to carry around.  Also jackets are a very comfortable traveling piece, so keep that in mind too.