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It’s not easy meeting new people, nevertheless when you think these people are your competition. At Her Campus UPRM, we experienced that recently when meeting Her Campus, University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras and Her Campus, Carlos Albizu University, and we were pleasantly surprised. Not only are they successful, hardworking people, but they are also really fun and cool.

Since August, there had been talks of a meet-up with all of the Her Campus chapters in Puerto Rico, yet nothing had happened. A month ago, while at a “jangueo,” I met one of Her Campus Río Piedras’ chapter contributor and we started talking about organizing a meet-up with them and Carlos Albizu University’s chapter. Even though this meet-up seemed challenging, since two of the teams are from the metropolitan area while ours is from the west side, we decided to give it a go. Between all the excitement and planning, the day finally arrived.

The night was filled with laughter, dancing, eating, and talking. We realized that all three of our teams are very similar. We are all a close group of people that share a common passion for writing. Not only did we all get along really great, it also turned out to be an excellent opportunity to compare experiences and to find that we are not the only ones who face the same problems; like us writers running out of ideas for example.

Above: Most of Her Campus Río Piedras and Her Campus, Albizu’s teams.

Above: Four Her Campus, Río Piedras contributors.

Above: Two Her Campus, Río Piedras contributors and Sofía from UPRM.

We’d like to thank all the girls that came to the event, Claudia for lending her house, and Madelyn for being in constant contact with us. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you and I hope we can all meet again! It’s wonderful to know that we can count on fellow Her Campus teams in Puerto Rico to help us get through the struggles of a writer, stay united as a team, and focus on the purpose of Her Campus – empowering college women with a voice to express what matters to us.

A History of Europe major at Universidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. She is a natural born leader that loves to get involved in all sorts of activities; loves animals, painting, and sleeping while it's raining. Plans on becoming a lawyer after graduating from 'la IUPI'.
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