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Halloween is around the corner and if you want to throw an awesome Halloween party but got no idea what games to include that are related to Halloween, here are some ideas that might help you:


Murder Scavenger Hunt

Start by splitting your friends into teams, and giving them a list of items they need to find. They have to find the clues on the list to solve the murder. The first group that solves the murder will win a mysterious price.


Magic potions

For this game, the guests of your party will choose the bottle of potion that has a shot of alcohol in it, they will have different kinds of shots in it and will have a tag on it that they will have to read it and do what the tag says. If you don’t do them you will lose and the one who

does what’s in the tag until all of the things on the tags have been completed.



Candy Hunting

Each of your guest will be divided into groups to go on a hunt to find any type of candy, which will be hidden in secret places. Each group will need to find as much candy as they can, and the group that finds the most candy wins and, of course, can keep all the candy.


Guess that Halloween Movie Scene

They will be groups of 4 and each group has to guess a Halloween movie by one of them covering the eyes of all the members and listening to a short preview of it. They have to guess which movie it is and, the group that guesses the most, wins.


Ghost Stories

Everyone can form a circle and invent a ghost story. The person who invents the best one wins.


Guess the Halloween Movie Quote

In this one, each group must challenge another group to guess the quote of Halloween movies, the groups that guess the most win.


Halloween Charades

A person will be chosen randomly and a piece of paper will be handed to that person and they will need to act out whatever is written on that piece of paper that will be given to them and the others have to guess what the person is acting out. For example, if in the paper a name of a movie is written on the paper, the person must act something that people can connect or relate to it so they can guess it correctly.


Scary photo booth

After playing any of these games, everyone can enjoy to take scary pictures with their friends and see who can take the scariest one.


If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party soon, I would really recommend you trying out these games. They are really fun, and I am sure that it will make all your guest wanting more. You will have a blast with all your friends, if you are a Halloween lover I will suggest you can consider doing this games next year or the year after that, or they can even be some all year around games. You can even suggest these games to your friends so they can also try them out if they are thinking to have a party.

My name is Angelique Matos, most people call me Angie and I am from Cabo Rojo. I am an English major on my third year studying linguistics and I have an obsession with fashion and makeup.
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