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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.

Students in business attire strut past you in the hallway. A group of people with matching polos stare at you with large smiles from behind a table in the Stefani lobby. Behind you, someone lists their greatest achievements. A uniformed man hands you one-too-many fliers. As you fill out the form for some company you’ve never even heard of, you realize: it’s that time of the semester.

Print out your resumes and iron your blazer, ladies. It’s officially job hunting season.

Recruitments are in full swing with companies looking to hire recent grads and fill-in any remaining internship slots before summer arrives. The UPRM’s 15th Spring Job Fair just took place last week, with more than 100 companies in attendance searching for new talent. However, if you couldn’t attend or are still searching for the perfect opportunity for you, don’t panic! There’s still multiple ways you can apply and connect with different employers outside of the job fair. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list below of easy ways you can find and apply to your next job.

Apply to Open Positions & Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find job openings that match your interests and background. You can customize your profile to highlight your most relevant accomplishments and specify the kind of opportunities you’re interested in. Recruiters are often very active on LinkedIn, which provides a good medium to reach out and express your interest in any companies you might have been eyeing. Even better, there are plenty of LinkedIn tutorials online as well (and the occasional workshop on campus) to help set you up for success!

Apply to Positions on Company Websites

Most companies post their available job opportunities on their websites, along with their respective descriptions, requirements, and expectations. You can often search for relevant roles by using key words or filtering by location, majors, job type, etc. Apply to any roles that seem like a good fit for you, and be sure to keep an eye out for any follow-ups.

Attend Company Activities On-Campus & Do Some Networking

During recruiting season, it’s not uncommon to see info tables around campus or to hear of companies doing activities through associations. These are a great way to have  one-on-one conversations with recruiters and make yourself known! Not only that, but these activities are often focused on professional development, like resume reviews or elevator pitch workshops, which can help you prepare and gain some confidence.

Pay Attention to Listings in Emails or Social Media

Keep an eye out for emails from your department, “cartero”, or any associations you may belong to. Many companies advertise potential opportunities for students through email, social media, and even the occasional group text message. Be sure to apply to any interesting opportunities that may pop up, but beware of phishing scams!

These are just some of the ways in which you can search for your next work opportunity. Whether or not you attended the latest job fair, these tips are guaranteed to get you one step closer to the internship, COOP, or full-time offer of your dreams. Always remember to stay persistent and don’t hesitate to seize any chances that come your way.

Happy hunting!

Sofia Camacho is a fifth-year Industrial Engineering student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. She is also pursuing a minor in Writing & Communications, as she one day hopes to write her own novel. Sofia has been a member of Her Campus at UPRM since 2020, writing articles about media and entertainment. In her spare time, she loves to read and write, and to spend time with her friends.