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We take pictures every day either to make memories or just to remind us of important events. Here at UPRM we have an association all about photography, thanks to Freddmarie Rosario. She is a down to earth girl with a passion for photography. But that’s not all, Freddmarie is currently working on opening a new studio! Go read about Freddmarie; from her favorite food to her dream camera, who knows maybe you’ll find out have a passion for photography to. 

Campus Celebrity! Freddmarie Rosario Feliciano

Hometown: Manatí

Year of graduation:  May 2014

Major: Sociology


Lets get to know Freddmarie!

HCUPRM: Favorite pastime?

FRF: Has to be photography! Through it I can tell a stories that don’t loose the meaning throughout time. It also helps me develop great creativity and precious imagination.

HCUPRM: Who is your inspiration?

FRF: Definitely my mom. She is a leader in her family, hard worker, smart and overall the best mom in the world. Hopefully someday I’ll be like her.

HCUPRM: Favorite movie?

FRF: Hard one. None specifically but I love Dr. Seus movies, because he opens a world of creativity and imagination to the kids.

HCUPRM: Extracurricular activities?

FRF: I like from sports including basketball, volleyball and love to dance, to creating Jewelry.




HCUPRM:  How did you develop a passion for photography?

FRF: It started in 2010. A friend let me borrow her camera with a removable lens, and just by playing around with it I fell in love. Opening a new world filled with new ideas to develop.

HCUPRM:  What camera do you own?

FRF: I have a beautiful Nikon d7000, that’s my baby.

HCUPRM:  Dream camera?

FRF:  Would love to own a Nikon d800.

HCUPRM:  You are opening a photography studio, tell us about it?

FRF: I’m building a photography studio in my house. In which I want to highlight my passion of modeling photography. I’m super happy and impatient  because I am seeing my dream come true.

HCUPRM:  Where do you see yourself in the future?

FRF:  Good one! I love psychology but I also love photography, can I be a doctor in photography? I will end my studies in psychology but I won’t leave behind my art, photography.



Lets talk about ACAF!

 HCUPRM:  What is ACAF?

FRF: It’s an association created by students for students. We stand for our desire to promote the interest in the art of photography, to the college community. 

HCUPRM:  How did you come up with the idea of creating ACAF?

FRF:  Just thinking of the different associations El Colegio  had to offer, I said to myself that I could not be the only one with a passion for photography. After that I decided to look for support and found our counseler Sr. Jose Almodovar and many other students, we became a big family of photographers.

HCUPRM: What is your roll on ACAF?

FRF: I am currently president of ACAF. I help with the decision-making and help the association to keep growing in our university.

HCUPRM:  How do you motivate colegiales to join?

FRF:  We do many activities like workshops, photography marathons, competitions and we all share our pictures.

HCUPRM:  Best experience with ACAF?

FRF: It has to be seeing ACAF grow every day, develop my leadership skills and see the reaction of the members in the different activities we do. 

Photos were provided by Freddmarie Rosario and http://www.pinterest.com/pin/40532465370179032/








My name is Alexandra Rosario grown and raise in Ponce, PR. At the age of 18 came the big time to move and go to college. Currently, I’m a student in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, major in Biology.  My goal, for the near future, is to graduate in 2015 and go on to study Medicine. But not everything in life is study, in my free time I focus in photography.
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