Fall Makeup Tutorial 2.0

Oh fall, with your chilly weather and your pumpkin spice taste. You just make the world feel like a better place. With your thigh high boots, warm jackets and furry hats. All those deep orange eye looks paired with burgundy lipstick stained hot chocolate mugs. You make us feel good, and we wanted to spread the feeling with what we do best: a makeup tutorial.


We all know that makeup has no rules and no specific order, ones start with the face others with the eyes. Whatever your makeup routine is, here is an eye look that will bring to your life every fall vibe of this season.


1. Base color

First, you can apply some concealer or eyeshadow primer, so the shadows stick and pop better on the eyes. We used the Tarte shape tape concealer. Then, we added or base color, which was french kiss from the Hello Colourpop palette.


2. Transition color

As a transition color, we added a very similar yellow tone eyeshadow from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette called edge. You see, this color is just a bit deeper than the one we used as a base, which helps us achieve a better blend.


3. Outer V

On the outer V, we used axis from the Subculture palette. The outer V is shaped as a sideways V and its placed on the outside corner of the eye. You can concentrate your shadows there, or blend them all the way to the crease, which is what we did.


4. Cut the crease!

With the same Tarte shape tape concealer, we did a half cut crease. A good tip to achieve a nice cut crease is to apply the concealer on the lash line and then opening the eye so the concealer transfers to the crease, so we have an idea of where our ideal cut crease should be placed.


5. Lid

Pack on some glitter! We used the shimmer called electric for the Subculture palette. You can wet your brush to have the best pigment, for this, we used the Mario Badescu Rose Water. Also, we blended the shimmer untamed from that same palette to get rid of the harsh concealer line.


6. Finishing details

You can add some highlights and fake lashes or even make a wing liner, but we wanted to go with a more “natural look” so we just added some mascara, Inner corner and brow bone highlight with the L’Oreal Infallible pigment, Iced Latte.


7. Slay!


It’s time to get creative, makeup is always a good excuse to rock the fall season!