An Engaging Thriller: AEDE’s "Entonces quedó... ninguno"



Last Wednesday, AEDE (Asociación de Estudiantes de Drama en la Educación) premiered their Clue-esque murder-mystery play, Entonces quedó... ninguno in Chardon’s Figueroa Chapel Amphitheater.

(Retrieved from AEDE’s Facebook page)

I sipped what was leftover of my coffee, and stepped inside the theater, where I was given a pamphlet that contained information on the play, its actors and collaborators, and the organization behind it, AEDE. After I found a seat, I was approached by a member, who suggested to look inside the pamphlet and find clues that would hint at the play’s storyline. We found a cryptic, and a bit morbid, poem about soldaditos (little soldiers) who disappeared one by one.

(Photo taken by the author)

The lights went out and the performance began. The spotlight was shone onto individual characters, who read a letter they’d receive inviting them to Isla Soldado, a prominent, solitary island known for its mysteriousness; among the characters were the righteous Judge Wargrave, a troubled governess- Mrs. Claythorne-, a clueless butler and his wife, problematic Dr. Armstrong, etc.  

(Retrieved from AEDE’s Facebook page)

After the characters introduced us to their motives of travel, it quickly took hold of its thrilling premise. Soon, the characters discovered that their invitation was no more than a fallacy; they were called upon that island to pay for their wrongdoings, to pay with their lives for their sins.

The audience clung to their seats as flashbacks showed us glimpses into the characters’ backgrounds. Death after death, the audience’s curiosity increased- we had to know who the killer was. The actors embraced their roles and their costumes, as well as the set and props, allowed us to delve into the narrative with ease. A spectator, Jonathan K. Peet, provided his thoughts on the show: “The play was filled to the brim with interesting characters and interactions, an absolute delight to watch! I can’t wait to see more from AEDE.” Cristina Rivera, who watched next to me, said: “I loved it! The actors and the backstage crew clearly gave it their all, great performances all around.”

The play was based on Agatha Christie’s novel, and BBC TV series, And Then There Were None. It was adapted and directed by Adriana M., who had never directed a theater piece before. She commented: “The TV adaptation is one of my favorite films; considering that, as I saw the play begin to come together, I could sort of see the story I love so much literally coming to life before my eyes. It was a really great feeling to see that something like this, which no one had done in the association, mixed with me, who lacked experience directing, could actually be coming together to be pretty good.”  

(AEDE’s members. Retrieved from AEDE’s Facebook page.)

After the play finished, the cast and crew came together and thanked the audience for coming, as well as all the members who actively partook in the production of the play. Also, they announced upcoming activities on campus, like TeatRUM and ALC’s Poetry Declamation Competition and Cinematheque’s The Oscars: Movie Week, that are being held by other associations that focus on and support theater and performative arts.