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“El Tiempo Va Pasando”: A Reflection on the Expectations After Some Form of Success

After being active on the music scene ever since the beginning of 2017, Mayagüez rapper/skateboarder Fico Rodz took a bit of a break when fall came to focus on his store, Sk8Hop, and family. But now, after that brief time away he’s back with a new single “El tiempo va pasando”. Featuring a hypnotic beat by Blu Jarvis, Fico’s new track sees him and his peers Mike Rodz and Carly Musa retrospecting on some of the expectations they face due to the success they’ve had on Puerto Rico’s indie music scene.

(cover art for “El tiempo va pasando” as found on Fico Rodz’s Facebook page)

Starting off with Jarvis’ production, the song then moves along to Fico rapping the chorus which focuses on the assumptions of success such as people thinking you have “thousands of dollars” and that they “don’t have bills to pay.” After singing his take on the chorus, Fico raps about his success by having his own company, how he feels blessed to still rap and how he will never stay quiet as long as he has the freedom to do so.

(picture of Fico Rodz as found on his Facebook page)

After Fico, Mike Rodz picks up the mic as he enters the beat with a bit more of an aggressive flow. While Fico seems a bit more reminiscent on his success as a rapper and businessman, Mike focuses more on his future and the current state of the music industry. In his verse, Mike Rodz raps about how he doesn’t want to waste time and be as creative as he can while not falling to the current trends found in rap music.

(picture of Mike Rodz as found on his Facebook page)

To finish the song, Carly Musa enters the track in a laid back fashion and raps about his current experiences after having a bit of success. In his verse, Musa talks about how now when he hangs out in the night life he is expected to be someone else. Whenever he approaches a lady, he is expected to have the amount of money and clothing of someone as big as a Bad Bunny-type. In sum, the little success he’s had has been a bit of a curse because he can’t be as simple as he used to be because people expect more from him.

(picture of Carly Musa as found on his Facebook page)

“El tiempo va pasando,” shows growth on the side of the three artists. While their verses might seem a little different as far as content, the chorus serves to keep the theme of success and expectations as the glue that holds them together. Some might think that Fico is slacking on this track due to his laid back flow, but I believe it is done on purpose. He raps as if he were an old man looking back and it works because in the context of the track he is the one with the most of experience out of the three artists. Meanwhile, Mike comes off as angry and hungry. He wants to focus on his craft while never giving away his identity to trends. To finish off, Musa comes in with an analysis of his newfound success looking at how perspectives can change after a bit of local fame. “El tiempo va pasando,” is certainly a single that might not appeal to many because of its retrospective content, but I believe anyone looking to be successful should take a listen to it and think about how life and points-of-view might change after you’ve struck the smallest bit of gold.


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Fernando E. E. Correa González is the author behind over 20 self-published poetry books. He has been published by literary magazines & journals [Id]entidad, El Vicio del Tintero, Sábanas Magazine, Smaeralit and Tonguas. Other than writing, Correa is also a filmmaker, podcaster, photographer and master’s student. He currently lives in his native Puerto Rico.
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