Easy Halloween Costumes for Girls

Tired of overpriced, sweaty, uncomfortable Halloween costumes? Fear no more, here is a great alternative to store bought costumes ranging from simple to more complex. You will look awesome at ‘la calle’ this Halloween!

Individual Costume:

1.     Jessie’s Girl: Reference from the popular 80’s song ‘Jessies’s Girl’ by Rick Springfield. A very simple last minute costume that can be made by writing ‘Jessie’s Girl’ on a T-shirt.

2.     A Skeleton: You can go from cheap to buy skeleton leggings and dress to searching for stencils and tutorials for making white filled skeleton design.

3.      Meg from Family Guy: You’re love for Family Guy can be used for your convenience with a blue jean, pink shirt, round glasses, and a pink beanie. If you have long hair, try searching for a YouTube tutorial for making fake bobs.

4.     Hipster Ariel: Add a red wig, green skirt, purple top, and some nerd glasses and you’re set.


5.     A Roman Toga warrior: Easily done with some gladiator sandals and white sheets or fabric. Golden accessories and floral headpieces add a touch of authentication mixed with cuteness.

6.     A Tourist: Ranging from Disney tourists with cameras, Disney T-shirts, and mouse ears to ‘gringos’ on vacation with bright sunblock on their faces, socks with sandals, Hawaiian shirts, and selfie sticks.

7.     A Goth: Black everything. Black clothing, dark make-up, fake piercings, and a killer attitude.

Side note: Most of these costumes can be modified or duplicated to acomidate couples or groups.

Group Costumes:

1.     The Teletubbies: A remake from the popular kids TV show, easy to make by wearing tank-tops and shorts with the colors of the characters, a silver sheet on you’re stomach, and pieces of fuzzy pipe cleaners to form the antennas of each character.

2.     The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Similar to the previous costume, wearing one color outfit corresponding with each character is an option. Another option may be being dressed in all green; both require the signature TMNT color masks. Though I do not recommend bringing their signature armor with you.

3.     The Scooby-Doo Gang: Perfect for a two girl, two guy group that loves to take someone’s dog to ‘la calle.’ Imitating each of the character’s costumes may be a tad hard but definitely worth it.

Liked or used any of our suggestions? Got other ideas for Halloween? Let us know by leaving a comment or posting pictures with your costume!