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“Hierba mala nunca muere.” / “Weeds never die.”

Continuing with the celebrations of International Women’s Day, UPRM has decorated its streets with purple ribbons which declare a need for equity and peace and once more, the floors of Chardon Building have been decorated by the students of the arts. In this specific drawing, we have a naked woman sprouting from a plant. Her root-like arms make an allusion to the idea of Mother Nature and that women and nature are one. In turn, the quote expresses that women are invincible and no matter how many times we are knocked down, we will get back up and fight for who we are. 

Sophia Melissa is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez studying English Literature. She dreams of continuing her studies to become a journalist. Born and raised in Carolina but studying at Mayagüez has given her the opportunity to experience the diversity of her island. A tech geek, book worm, and animal lover at heart, she has always enjoyed helping those around her.
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