Dear Mom

This one is for the times you stayed awake until I got home. This one is for all the times I disrespected you and you didn’t say a word. This one is for all the times you cried in silence so I wouldn’t notice. This one is for all the times you took out your time to cheer me up and for all the times I just wouldn’t listen. This one goes to you, mom.

You are not only my mother, but you are my teacher. Without you I’d never be who I am today. You taught me everything I know, from how to write my name to how to deal with disappointments. You have taught me that I deserve more, and you have fought everyday for me to have what I own.

You are also my best friend. You have stayed when everyone else has left. You have given me your best advice and most importantly, you have never given up. You have been there, cheering me on from the sidelines, watching me grow as the person I hope you wanted me to become.

But most importantly mom, you are my hero. It’s very true when they say that not all heroes wear capes, because you wear something way better: a beautiful smile. I wish to someday be lucky enough to be as strong and committed as you are. To handle things the way you do: with so much grace and so much love.

I want to apologize for all the times I wasn’t the person you deserved. I want to say sorry for every moment I was a disappointment, even if you don’t see it that way, because that’s just what you do. You see the best in people, and hope for everyone to become their better selves. You are the light in everyone’s shadow no matter how many times you had to change your own light bulb.

This one goes for all the times I didn’t say I love you, because mom, I really do love you. Happy Mother’s Day!