Dear Her Campus

October marks the fifth anniversary of the Her Campus UPRM chapter, and since I have been part of this chapter for three years now this coming month, I thought I’d share my experience for those who might be on the fence about joining, those who don’t quite get what we do, and to simply reminisce in what has been truly the best three years of my life.

Photo taken May 2016.


I joined Her Campus back in 2015 in my sophomore year when I was looking for something that might get me a little bit closer to what I actually wanted to be doing. I had absolutely no idea of what I was getting myself into. It has obviously had its challenges and it's frustrating moments, but this organization has given me strength and hope when I most needed it. There is nothing more rewarding than working for an organization that wants to empower women, help them achieve their goals, and propel their careers forward.

Attending Her Conference 2017.


Fast forward to now, this is my second year as Campus Correspondent, and though the chapter almost closed last year because of Hurricane Maria and due to many of the board members leaving the island, we are now stronger than ever. I am so grateful to have been able to work with women who worked hard to make this chapter what is it today and to have inspired me to continue this amazing legacy. Not only have the previous CCs and chapter members inspired me to improve and helped me grow professionally and as a person, I also found people who today I am able to call my friends. Her Campus has gifted me with people that have stood by me no matter what and they have truly become my sisters and have done nothing but make my life better. And that is worth everything.Attending Her Conference 2018 and joined by Windsor Hanger Western, President and Co Founder  of Her Campus Media.


I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Her Campus, it has been truly an amazing opportunity to have worked for and with such empowered women. There’s really nothing like being able to get to know people who can change you in such a positive way, to have your work out there and to hopefully help someone through what we do in anyway that is possible. I can’t wait to see HC be more acknowledged by everyone and to see it improve in the showcasing of women of all races, sizes, sexualities, and ethnicities. I hope they can join or create their own chapter to be part of this special organization. As Rachel Berry once said, “Something is special because you were part of it.”