The Cute, the Scary, and the Funny: Best Halloween Movies to Get You in the Fall Mood

The CuteThese films will warm your heart and make you miss the times of dressing up and knocking on doors for candy

1.     Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin

2.     Scary God Mother

3.     The Goonies

4.     Twitches

5.     Halloween Town Trilogy

6.     Nightmare Before Cristmas

7.     Hocus Pocus

8.     Coraline

9.     Beetle Juice

10.   Carrie (1999)

11.   Harry Potter films

The ScaryThese films will make you  be unable to sleep for the next few weeks

1.     Insidious series

2.     Poltergeist

3.     The Blair Witch Project

4.     Texas Chain Saw Massacre

5.     The Exorcist

6.     Nightmare on Elm Street

7.     The Conjuring

8.     Saw series

9.     The Human Centipede

10.   The Ring

11.  The Grudge


The funnyThese films will make you remember that scary movies aren’t all that scary

1.     A Haunted House

2.     Scary Movie

3.     Death Becomes Her

4.     Superheroe Movie

5.     Shaun of the Dead

6.     The Hungover Games

7.     Serial Mom


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