Cinémathèque Presents: Hecho en Europa 2017

Cinémathèque is a student association at UPRM that focuses on cinema and film productions. Their mission is to promote the art in cinema and inspire others to appreciate (and maybe even take part in) it. They host festivals, short-film viewings, discussions with directors and crew, as well as other activities throughout campus. They do this to encourage students to look deeper into the history and artistic aspects of the film industry.

L-R: Samara Pérez (President), Diego Toro (Vice-President), Mary Leonard (Advisor), Camille Morales (Historian), Adriana Hernández Barreto (Publicity), Jorge Chevres (Treasurer), Ian Garrastegui (Secretary), Camille Vanderbunder (Director of the Hecho en Europa Film Festival), and Raisa Bonnet (Film Director of Venus).

This past Tuesday, September 12th, they presented six short-films by Puerto Rican directors that were entered into the film festival Hecho en Europa, a festival which has been held since 2013 and watched by more than 1,500 people in San Juan, Puerto Rico this year. It is run by Camille Vanderbunder, who is also part of the French Alliance, an organization that encourages filmmakers to submit scripts and provides funding to the ones voted the best. This year, they funded six projects.



Directed by Michael Justiniano

This short film is a comedy that follows the story of a woman who has just gone through a break-up and must figure out how to get her dog from her ex’s apartment. This was Michael Justiniano’s directorial debut. Before completing the project, he worked at a call center and, after its completion, left his job to pursue writing and directing full-time.



Directed by Kemel Jamis

Nébula focuses on a middle-aged man who gets mugged and invites the mugger to have a sandwich afterwards. What happens next? You'll have to watch it to find out. The film won the Audience Favorite Award, while Ernesto Concepción won Best Actor at the Festival. Jamis actually found the actor who played the mugger by chance as he walked around one day. Jamis approached him and asked if he would like to act in his short film and, after a bit of convincing, he agreed.


El Regalo

Directed by Joel Pérez Irizarry

Joel Pérez Irizarry’s short film shows a woman in her mid 30s carrying around a large gift box. She wears an ankle monitor and hitchhikes her way to the receiver of the package she is carrying. This film won Best Actress and is currently being presented in Brazil.


La Pistola

Directed by Sergio Torres Negrón

In this short, a drug addict finds a gun and, with it, a new way to get the money he needs to feed his habit. He starts using his newfound power to assault people in traffic lights and eventually gets the cash he needs much faster than ever before. This was Sergio Torres Negrón’s first project.



Directed by Ray Figueroa

A dead man’s wake brings a group of people together who are determined to make the deceased man’s wife confess to her adultery. Ray Figueroa’s piece won various awards at the festival, including Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Script, and Best Director. It is currently being presented in New York, USA.



Directed by Raisa Bonnet

In Venus, a mother and her two daughters, Lina and Mara, live in a constant emotional torment. The mother’s lover is constantly away and leads her on until she decides to give up. Raisa Bonnet is a professor at UPRM as well as a writer and director. This short film is part of a full-length film she is currently working on.

If you would like to take part in the Hecho en Europa Film Festival, you can do so by submitting your script for evaluation. An application will be posted in September on the festival’s Facebook page. You will be required to submit your script, the director’s résumé, the producer’s résumé, among other documents. Six scripts will be selected and helped with funding to make their masterpieces come to life.

If you are into films and cinematographic art, mark your calendars for Cinémathèque’s upcoming events!

21st of September at 6:00pm - Presentation of Jurakán, directed by Gustavo Mazzini

3rd of October - Presentation of Cuentas Pendientes, directed by Arleen Cruz, invitee: Carlos Weber

5th of October - Presentation of 7 Muros, invitee: Maria Alicia González (Rep. ADOCPR)

For more information about this student association and their upcoming events, visit their Facebook page here.

For more information about the Hecho en Europa Film Festival, visit their website here.