Care. Work. Repeat: Professional Makeup Workshop



Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle” - Erno Laszlo

This last Thursday, Sara L. Acosta, a beauty blogger, and Nelimar Muñoz, a certified esthetician, teamed up to bring the women of UPRM a skin care and makeup workshop directly targeting the working woman. They partnered with Jopwell, a company that helps ethnic minorities find scholarships, internships, jobs among other opportunities. They also partnered with Bajari, a Puerto Rico based chocolate company which means all the participants got a super cute chocolate bar at the end of the workshop. The workshop began with Nelimar Muñoz and her tips and tricks for healthy, beautiful skin.

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Nelimar Muñoz is a student at UPRM and a certified esthetician. Her passion for skin care began when medium hgrade acne popped up on her face and she decided to do some research on how she could get rid of this and what was causing it. Muñoz found that there were too many skin care products on the market and not enough information on how, when and who should use each one. She got internships with Neutrogena and Aveno and went from self-taught to certified and experienced esthetician.

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Phone #: 787-519-7470

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The Skin care portion of the workshop began with the basics of skin. Muñoz explained the proper ways of taking care of all skin types and how to set up a basic skin care routine for yourself.

Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Only dry skin needs moisturizer.

Fact: Every type of skin needs moisturizer in order to balance out the skin.

Myth: You shouldn't pop your pimples. Fact: You can pop them delicately with two tissues if it has a “head” (the yellow bit).

General Recommendations:

-Have a certified esthetician evaluate your skin type

-Occasionally get a deep cleaning with a certified esthetician

-NEVER sleep with your makeup on

-Don’t get hung up on a certain product or brand. Remember to rotate products and combine different ones.

-If you can't afford or be bothered with a full skin care routine, at least use sunscreen. Muñozrecommends SuperGoop which is  $18 at Sephora, doesn’t smell, or grease your face up and is also a moisturizer!


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Sara L. Acosta AKA UpbyLiah is a beauty blogger and makeup artist. She is a student at UPRM.

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Makeup Must-Haves “en la cartera”:

  • Concealer and color corrector

  • Eyebrow powder or pencil

Tip: When looking for an eyebrow tool focus on how easy to use it will be not how pretty the packaging is and remember to not go to dark, use a color a tiny  bit lighter than your eyebrows.

  • Mascara

Tip: Use eyelash primer before applying mascara to really make your eyelashes pop!

  • Brushes: a puffy powder brush, an angled fluffy brush and a small puffy brush

  • Lips

Tip: Remember to apply chapstick before applying actual lipstick.

Tip: To make lipstick last, cover your entire lip with lip pencil first.

  • Eyeshadow palette

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Nelimar Muñoz and Sara L. Acosta put together a workshop with the goal to empower women and educate at the same time. Not only was the workshop informative but it was entertaining! Plus, they had snacks and Bajari chocolate so you wouldn't get too hungry during the workshop. If you are interested in knowing more about Nelimar Munoz or Sara L. Acosta be sure to check them out on their social medias listed above. Jopwell, who sponsored this event, are hosting an event for students to take free headshots this week. It will take place in the Mangual Coliseum from 10:00am to 2:00pm on April 12th!

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