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Campus Cutie: Valentina Pinci

You’ve seen her around campus, tye-dye t’s, birkenstocks, hazels eyes, long hair, whatever, she doesn’t care. Flooded with a passion for life (matched only by her unsatiable hunger for acai bowls), is true and strong. She’s the girl I wrote about in Prince Charming Syndrome, the one who ditches her valentines date a.k.a me, for play dates with orphans (Hogar de Niños Portal de Amor in San German). At night, you’ve probably seen her strutting around our local bars with a serious pout and half a stern look, but catch her on one of those rare occasions with deep house and liquid drum and base and you might be surprised to find her with a glow in her eyes as she flies accross dance floor with an open heart and a gentle smile.  Keep reading to find out a little more on this sun streaked campus cutie. 


Name: Valentina V. Pinci Garcia

Age: 19

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Major: Psychology

Favorite Color: If I had to pick, turquoise, but tomorrow it could be black, who knows.  

Favorite Drink: Chai Latte, there’s hipster supremist in all of us.

Favorite Food: I’m just as happy with raw vegan raspberry cheesecake as I am having beef carpaccio with a glass of Merlot. 

Favorite Saying: Alhamdulillah, meaning, thank God. Not that I prescribe to any specific dogma other than my own personal pursuit of spirituality, but I do hold a special place in my heart for all that is divine and holy.

Hobbies: Painting, writing, henna-ing, charity, yoga… and nearly anything that doubles as an excuse to be at the beach.

What do you look for in a guy? I just look for a connection, I guess. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi, an eye-catching charisma that takes me by surprise… I like finding someone who compliments my romantic side, matches my intellect, and shares my love for adventure.

Are you single? Rumors aside, yes I am! Hehe, my heart is married to my soul mate/gay husband, but I have a lot of love to share.

What are your professional aspirations? I’m currently in between plastic surgery, and running away to South America to live the life of a travelling artisan. Honestly, I’ll probably end up doing both, but as long as I’m incorporating art and aesthetics into my career, lifestyle isn’t as relevant to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I wanna say graduating hahaha, but if life finds me volunteering abroad in a third world country, that’s cool too! Or maybe exhibiting an art show, while I study for the MCAT… The Universe is infinite, who knows?

Why are UPRM boys better? Haha, well that’s debatable… UPRM boys are definitely hot, and they’ve got that irresistible colegio confidence. But when it comes down to being the best, it’s not about the title.

Photo Credit: Christian Quintero, Gabriela Nuñez Santiago

Just a silly homo on the pursuit of happiness with a passion for women and bad choices with delicious endings.
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