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February 14th is extremely close; all of us collegiettes are hitting our closets and our friends’ like maniacs, or checking the nearest stores to get that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. Whether you have that special someone to share it with, or you’re thinking of going down the “I hate Valentine’s Day” path, there are some outfits you’ll have to consider for this next Friday. Luckily, our team got in contact with one of our fellow collegiettes, Aine Izquierdo -owner of Auténtica Boutique just steps away from campus- gave us the opportunity to share different ideas for this next V-Day.


1. F*ck Love

If your feeling dark and brooding, take out your basic blacks and sass it up with a classic wine lipstick. 

2. “Teca para la universidad”

If you are not one for celebrating Valentines, have no fear, we even have you covered! Just because you are not feeling lovey-dovey does not mean you have to wear your sweats in public. There is no better person to dress for than yourself. 

3.  1/2 flirty and 1/2 nice:

If you are feeling fun and playful bring out your inner Bradshaw, with a spring on your step and a sexy pout worthy of the right boy’s kiss. 

4. Date Night: 


If your going out with your girls or on a date with your significant other don’t be afraid to take out those special staple pieces for a spin. Dress like as it were your birthday!



HC: What inspired/made you open Auténtica?

I’ve loved boutiques since I was a little girl; I love dresses, purses, shoes, but especially accessories. One day I commented to my mom, why didn’t she help me open my own boutique? I believe as a crazy person (I say crazy, because I was only 21-years-old), she said yes without thinking it trough. My job is my hobby, that’s why I love it so much.

HC: Being the owner and a UPRM student, how have you been able to balance school and work?

I won’t deny it’s difficult having a balance; I get out of class in the afternoon and work in the store, then get home to study. But work doesn’t stop at the store, because I have to keep track of merchandise and fashion trends.

HC: Can you virtually walk us through Auténtica? What should we expect to see (style wise)?

From the outside you know you’ll encounter a very feminine store. You’ll enter and notice clothes and accessories everywhere. In addition there are several quotes around the store, which inspire you’re everyday living.

HC: What is the price range?


HC: What inspires you fashion wise?

Carolina Herrera is my fashion idol; I always keep posted on fashion trends, also I love to mix and match.


Mónica Ocasio is a senior majoring in comparative literature, with a minor in Italian at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez. Born, raised and living in Puerto Rico, Mónica has always enjoyed reading a good book, spending time with her family and baking.
Olivieri is a Puerto Rican entrepreneur who craves knowledge and has a passion for writing. Currently trying to unravel the world's mysteries by majoring in physics.
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