"Battle of Winterfell" Memorable Moments



Last week, we were met with the biggest fight in Game of Thrones history, the Battle of Winterfell, as Season 8 Episode 3 “The Long Night” aired. Said battle lasted 80 something minutes, and it took over 50 nights to film. The battle itself was very hectic and anxious as fans thought many beloved characters were going to die at any minute. What was interesting about the episode though, was the fact that many events of the past can be seen. Everything comes full circle, purposes are fulfilled and heroes are born.

These are some examples of how events of the past come full circle in this third episode:

  1. Beric Dondarrion

Former member of the Brotherhood Without Banners, Beric Dondarrion believed the Lord of Light had a plan for everything and everyone, as the Lord had brought him back on multiple occasions. In this episode, Dondarrion’s purpose is clear; save Arya Stark, as she would ultimately be the Night King’s demise. You fought well, Dondarrion, we thank you.

  1. Arya’s Valyrian steel dagger

Back when Bran and Arya reunited in Winterfell, he gave her a Valyrian steel dagger. The one belonging to Littlefinger that was used back in season 1 when a hitman was hired to kill Bran, fortunately his direwolf, Summer, was there to save him. It’s funny how this dagger, wielded by non other than Arya Stark, went full circle and saved him from the grips of the Night King.

  1. Melisandre

This Red Priestess predicted many seasons back that Arya had a darkness in her and that she would “shut many eyes forever”. Brown eyes. Blue eyes. Green eyes. She also told the young Stark that they’d meet again. Well, they finally did meet again in this episode, and Melisandre, one again, professed to Arya that she’d shut many eyes forever, emphasising on the color Blue, being the color of the White Walkers and wights.

  1. “What do we say to the God of Death?”

Not today. After Professing that Arya would “shut many eyes forever”, Melisandre said something her late “dancing” teacher once told her: “What do we say to the God of Death?”, to which Arya replied with “Not Today”. Arya immediately got the hint and left running to the Godswood, where Bran was used as bait to lure the Night King.

  1. Theon

Theon Greyjoy. Arrived for the first time in Winterfell as a hostage, becoming Ned Stark’s ward. Left with Rob Stark to march down war against the Lannisters, then came back as an Ironborn and overran Winterfell. Third time he went back to Winterfell, he became Reek. The last time he went, he died protecting Bran and fighting for the North. His character development is by far one of the best, following Sansa’s, but in this episode, his mistakes came full circle and he proved redemption. You’ll be missed, Greyjoy.