Basics Every Freshman Needs

While going off to college means a new chapter in your life, to most of us, it also means no more school uniforms. We won’t be forced to use plaid skirts everyday- yay! Now you will spend at least 15 minutes a day thinking on your outfit- nay! Just because you overslept does not mean you should sacrifice your style. Here is a list of trusty basics you should always have at your side for those days you don’t even want to go outside.

Fashionable Sunglasses


If you are a UPRM student you will have to walk, a lot. So get a pair of shades to protect your gorgeous eyes from those long walks from Monzón to Biología.

Great pair of jeans

Jeans will always be the go-to bottoms; they are easy to style and dress up or dress down.


 Basic Shirts

I cannot stress enough the fact that you don’t have a uniform anymore so get a few basic t-shirts.  With a few of these, your outfit options are endless because they are so easily styled. This way you won’t end up using your whole closet to go to classes.

 Light jacket

The funny thing about Mayagüez is that you may be walking through Mordor on your way to class and arrive at a classroom where even your thoughts freeze. So always keep a light jacket on your backpack for those days you decided to show some shoulders.


Funky Backpack

When committing to a backpack make sure it’s something comfortable that showcases your personality- it’s a great conversation starter while your waiting for your classes.


 Hair Accessories

You may have decided to wear your hair down in the morning, but as it turns out it’s 12 in the afternoon and you feel like you’re melting. Be sure to carry around some bob pins, hair ties or hair bands to stay cool and still keep your style.

 Closed Shoes

Chances are you are going to walk from your apartment or will have to cross campus in-between classes and having uncomfortable shoes just makes you cranky- plus it rains A LOT in Mayagüez. Closed shoes are a comfortable companion for those long days on campus and they keep your toes dry.


There is no need to explain why this is important. In Mayagüez rains EVERY day.

 Breezy Bottoms


 Jeans might be the go-to bottom but they certainly are not the most adequate for the first few months of the semester. Plus they are a fun way to style up your wardrobe.