Bajo La Luna Bring More Life to Rincon's Art Walk

After the passing of Maria, one of  Puerto Rico’s west-coast events to slowly get back up was Rincon’s Art Walk, a festival celebrated weekly in the town’s plaza. I had not been there in a while and after a few busy days. Last Thursday January 18th, to be precise, I decided to go with  friends to see the status of the Art Walk and have a good time. It was nice to see such an artistic and cultural event still going strong despite the effects of Hurricane Maria. Still lit with Christmas decorations, Rincon’s plaza was filled with all sorts local artists such as Bunkerfish and designers like the resident Patinetero, who have helped support Rincon’s economy while also bringing joy to the town in times pre and post-Maria. However, what caught my attention was Bajo La Luna and their fantastic performance.

(promo for Bajo La Luna’s performance as found in the Art Walk’s Facebook Page)


A group self-defined as a combination of nova trova, experimental music, and poetry. I had heard about Bajo La Luna because of members Elisaura Vazquez and Alexandra Muñiz, but I never had the opportunity to see them live, despite knowing of their multiple performances across the west side of the island. To say I regret not seeing them earlier would be an understatement. The group not only delivered on their artistic promises, but they also delivered a bit of bomba, which had the crowd clapping, stomping, dancing, and cheering. By using an acoustic guitar, percussion instruments, their voices, and dance, Bajo La Luna successfully managed to bring some more life into a crowd who was already enjoying their weekly festivities.

(picture of Bajo La Luna’s performance)

Rincon’s Art Walk is yet another example of how Puerto Rico is slowly getting up after the effects of Hurricane Maria. It’s small, yet wonderful traditions like these which will aid the community gain the energy to get back up and continue working to get the island to what it once was. Artists like Bajo La Luna can help in this process which will more than likely take quite some time. If you ever find yourself looking for something to do in the west-coast of Puerto Rico on a Thursday, feel free to drop by Rincon’s Art Walk and enjoy the work of many local artists, the food of the nearby restaurants, and, who knows, perhaps you will find Bajo La Luna or some other musicians taking the stage to bring some extra light.

(art featuring members of Bajo La Luna as found on their Facebook Page)

For more info on Rincon’s Art Walk check out the event’s Facebook page  and for more on Bajo La Luna’s future performances check out their Facebook page.