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Bad Boys Don’t Have To Finish First

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.
Have you ever heard a friend talk about a guy who seems to be nice, caring and kind but she can’t seem to bring herself to like him as anything more? Better yet, have you ever been in this situation? In a world where nice guys finish last, we can’t deny we have played a major role in the development of this. Guys who are happy to text us back within a normal time range make us want to give them a big hug, pet them and call them “bro”, whereas guys who answer our texts an hour or two later make us want to have their babies. Below are a few reasons why you should give the nice guys, the ones who are genuinely excited about us, a chance:
1. Texting him is not as complicated: Come one, we are all guilty of hitting the “send” button and abandoning our phones. It’s kind of nerve-racking when you text someone and you have no idea if they will answer. So as soon as you send that text, you’re running for the hills in a nervous/excited trance. The adrenaline, the expectation, the asking yourself if you should have texted him is all awesome; it makes us feel alive. The only thing that may be even better is when we get an enthusiastic response back. When we don’t, it makes us want to eat our feelings, and swimsuit season is just around the corner. Dating a nice guy makes us feel as though our feelings are reciprocated, even if texts go unanswered, because they reassure us in many other ways.
2. You can talk about anything: When we’re talking to bad boys and they’re checking their phone (probably thinking about their Wednesday booty call) it may feel as though we’re equally interesting as a sack of potatoes. What we say is valuable and some guys will be able to appreciate it, while others will be checking out the waitress before you can get a word in.
3. You don’t feel like you’re playing a game: This whole game thing is fun; I admit it. It’s like you’re both playing hard to get and when someone “loses”, the other one rejoices in the loss. The only bad thing about it is that some guys aren’t playing along; they’re just like that. You may think he didn’t text back because he doesn’t want to look desperate, but he probably didn’t text back because even though he is interested, you’re not a priority. Nice guys will let you know if they’re busy, or will text you back to let you know they will get back to you later.
4. You don’t double-check everything you do: You know that date you went to and you got home and started double-checking everything, making sure you didn’t say anything “wrong” or your outfit looked ridiculous or maybe you had a piece of something stuck between your teeth? This happens with all types of guys. It’s just a thing we do because we want to guarantee it went as good for them as it did for us. The only difference between a nice guy and a bad boy is that with the nice guy you don’t feel as much pressure. On the contrary, with the bad boy, you second guess yourself all the time. The bad boy doesn’t really tell you you’re pretty too often, because he feels that will give you too much power. The bad boy acts as if he’s the catch and you’re the lucky one. The nice guy makes you feel secure, the bad boy does not.
5. They’re worth it: Even though the thrill of the chase with bad boys is awesome, having someone who makes you feel secure is definitely worth it. Having someone who does not tempt you to eat gallons of ice cream a day is good for you mentally and physically. 
As an English major with a love for anything written, Alexandra enjoys writing and reading almost anything. The beach is her escape though most days, she enjoys staying at home watching Netflix. She plans to become a lawyer or a journalist, but right now she is enjoying her college experience to the fullest!
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