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February; the one month out of the year specifically dedicated to love, friendship, and soulmates. There are approximately 6 billion people around the world and every so often the universe, god, fate, or whatever higher power you believe in, put a person in your path and your connection with each other is so strong it's hard to even try to explain. Soulmates don’t necessarily just have to be the stereotypical romantic type, that’s so often idealized in movies and in countless songs. A soulmate can be found in friendships, and to me, a soulmate is a person who walks into your life and it's like they were always meant to be in it. You can't believe you lived without them and you can't imagine a future deprived of them. Finally finding your soulmate is like finding a puzzle piece you didn't even know was missing. My soulmates are three wonderful women, my three best friends, my soul sisters.

In all my past friendships, I've felt that there was always something missing, like I could never, completely be myself. I would stop myself from expressing my true feelings or interests, just because I knew that they didn't necessarily align with those of my friends'. Don't get me wrong, they were great friendships and I hold them fondly in my heart, but even those friendships didn't have the bond and the level of comfort that I felt once I met my soulmates. With them I can express my deepest thoughts, no matter how dumb, pointless, or “controversial” I think they might be. I know, with full certainty, that they will not be met with judgment, but rather openness and understanding. Seeing as we are human, sometimes our opinions clash and disagreements happen. However, at the end of the day, the love we have for one another transcends any disagreement.  

These girls have gone above and beyond for me, creating a space were I feel safe and free. They have allowed me to be my authentic self without feeling like I don't belong. Thanks to them, I have evolved into a much happier and fuller person. Thanks to them, I’ve learned that it's ok to open up my heart and, yes, it might get broken every now and then, but I gain more than what I lose. I can never repay the amount of times they have kept me motivated and talked me down from myself. They have taught me to appreciate myself. Through their love I have learned to love others and myself. Because of them, my newer friendships have been much more honest, genuine, and fulfilling. Each of them has added so many wonderful things into my life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

This Valentine's Day, and every day, take time to acknowledge and appreciate all the different relationships in your life. Love comes in all different forms and it’s not always romantic. Keep in mind, however, that it is ok if you haven't met you soulmate yet. As cliché as it might sound, your soulmate is out there and they will arrive when you least expect it.


My name is Karina from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I'm a walking stressed filled contradiction finding my way around the worlds and writting articles along the way. 
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