AEDE: Bringing the Magic of Theater to Colegio

Through comedy, tragedy, original playwrights and more, AEDE is a student organization at Colegio that strives to expose relevant social topics through theater and performance. All while creating a family of people passionate for theater in an environment that lets its members grow and develop themselves as professionals. 

Last semester they presented The Passion of Antígona Pérez (La Pasión Según Antígona Pérez) by Luis Rafael Sánchez adapted by Ricardo Rivera, one of AEDE’s members. The drama, inspired by Sophocles's Antigone, develops a social commentary on the governments of Latin America.

In previous semesters, they have presented several original script plays like Amando Sofia (Loving Sofia) and Esto no tiene nombre (This doesn’t have a name) both written by member and current president of the association, Kimberly Vargas. Kimberly is currently in her graduate year at Colegio finishing a bachelor's degree in Philosophy. In her plays she portrays philosophical concepts like existentialism and the meaning of life. 

This semester, the association welcomed five new members that passed through the process of interviews and auditions and successfully made their debut in the production of “La Polilla” by Manuel Méndez Ballester, adapted by Kevin Michael Ryan, an established member of AEDE. The production was presented the 22nd and 23rd of November in the Amphitheater Figueroa Chapel. It was a comedy that exposed some of the political turmoils that currently surround the island. For both nights, the amphitheater was permeated with laughter  and the performers were successful in creating a light atmosphere of comedy. The script, written some decades ago, was still incredibly relevant in today’s society, exposing some very relatable political situations in a comical theater night.  Other than their big semester productions, the group usually hosts theater workshops in topics from diction, projection, playwriting, directing, producing and improvisation. 

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