8 Wifi Spots Throughout Mayagüez

Many of us are stressing out through the start of the semester after Maria without internet in our homes, but we’ve got you covered! Here are some great WiFi spots where students can have lunch while catching up on classes.  

1.     Happy Bowls

Enjoy wonderful meals ranging from a delicious and totally instagrammable açaí bowl, to a delicious steak plantain wrap while you catch up on some homework right in front of El Parque de los Próceres.

2.     Bonsai

Craving some late night sushi? Bonsai also has free WiFi you can enjoy while delving into your sushi cravings.

3. Yogen Früz

Need some cooling down from the heat? Right next to the Kmart at Western Plaza, enjoy a delicious fro-yo while finishing the last touches on that essay you have due.

4. Red Mango Café

Start that new diet while downloading those PowerPoint presentations in Red Mango’s new location right behind Longhorn in Plaza Sultana.

5. El Mesón Sándwiches

Refuel with coffee and sandwiches for that late night cramming sesh at the Terrace’s El Mesón.

6. DownTown Plaza

Right in the center of Mayagüez is DownTown Plaza, where you can enjoy a morning breakfast while you finish the last touches on that research paper or have some lunch at 11 a.m.

7. Aquí Latte

Get through a hectic day with a quinoa power bowl.

8. Cassabe

If you’re looking for a restaurant to have dinner while you cram on some notes, Cassabe, which is right in front of “La Plaza Colon,” might be the place for you.