8 Netflix Originals Worth The Watch

Most people enjoy watching TV shows and most people also have Netflix (or someone else’s login info that just happens to be on their computer). So, I’ve compiled a short list of Netflix Originals that are a must for all Netflix users. In an attempt to be inclusive of all genres (the main ones anyway) I’ve tried to choose a series for each one.

1. Elite 

(Spanish Teen Drama)

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Elite is a mix between Rebelde, El Internado and House of Anubis (but without all the terrible acting and Egyptian magic), in other words, it’s a high school novela. It takes place in a private school for insanely rich and “high-class” teenagers, and a select few students who received scholarships. The show flashes back and forth from past to present showing you a crime scene at the school where seemingly, someone’s been murdered. Plus, it touches on some tough social issues and has no issue discussing any taboo topic in terms of sexuality, religion and social class. As mystery, romance, drugs, sex, etc. unravel, you will be at the edge of your seat through eight episodes of sexual tension and teen angst. Next season comes out in September. 

2. Lucifer

(Criminal Fantasy Drama)

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Starring the equally gorgeous Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar) and Lauren German (Detective Chloe Decker), this series follows Lucifer, the literal Devil, as he decides to leave Hell and live in Los Angeles. This is a crime drama, much like C.S.I. , Bones and Criminal Minds, but with the added Biblical twist. Lucifer assists the Detective in many cases whilst getting some therapy for his many daddy issues along the way. Lucifer perfectly mixes drama, comedy and religious commentary in a very entertaining four seasons, with season five on the way.

3. Blown Away

(Reality TV)

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This reality show is a glass blowing competition. On each episode, a group of experienced glassblowers are given a task. At the end of this, one is crowned “Best in Blow” and another is eliminated. This is one of the most jaw dropping and just plain different competition shows I’ve watched. Just seeing the amazing things the competitors could make out of pure glass was something else. With only 10 20-minute episodes, you could watch the entire thing in one sitting!

4. The Haunting of Hill House

(Thriller/Horror Drama)

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I’m sure with the amount of hype this show got you’ve heard of or already seen it but that doesn't change the masterpiece that it is. The series switches from present day to past constantly showing you the lives of five siblings and their parents during and after their summer spent at Hill House. In the business of fixing and selling houses, Hugh Crane and his family move into Hill House, a massive, ancient estate, with the intent of selling the house after refurbishing it. But Hill House isn't like other houses, with it’s weird noises, notorious “Bent Neck Lady” and many other hauntings, the house leaves the family with many terrifying memories and some serious childhood trauma. The show is marketed as a horror series and although it has its fair share of jumpscares and creepiness keep in mind that the sad moments are just as strong and I cried in more than half of the episodes. Next season comes out next year.

5. Atypical

(Family Dramedy)

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Sam Gardener, a senior in high school who is on the autism spectrum and his family adjust to both his and his sister, Casey’s venture into adulthood and all that entails. This dramedy is a great representation of how a family adjusts to new situations and particular needs. Throughout the two seasons currently on Netflix, we can see Sam go through love, heartbreak, therapy, preparations for college and penguins. In the style of a  “coming of age” story, we see growth and character development throughout. This show will make you laugh, cry and feel insanely related to the situations the family goes through. It is truly a hidden gem.

6. Sex Education


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Otis Milburn is regular, teenager in high school, nothing out of the ordinary. Unless you don’t count being an amature sex therapist ordinary. With a sex therapist who works from home as a mother, Otis has become quite the expert on all this sex and relationships. When he meets an outcast named Maeve , the two combine his knowledge and her promoting skills and start a sex therapy business at their high school. This show is not only hilarious, it touches subjects that not all comedy’s approach in a serious way. Topics like abortion, virginity, sexuality and the importance of self-love and understanding are shown in such a way that, despite the comedic aspect of the show, a certain seriousness and openness is felt. Next season is on the way.

7. The Last Czars

(Historical DocuDrama

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The Last Czars is a historical docu series about the downfall of Russia’s last Czar, Nicholas Romanov II. The series is composed of historical dramatizations along with historian commentary. It goes through the rule of the last Czar up until the Romanov family’s ultimate assassination. It also touches base on the many Anastasia impersonators that surfaced after the family’s demise. This series is one of the most fascinating documentary style dramas I have seen in a very long time. The interlaced commentary not only gives the viewer more insight into the people and historical context but it complements the story in a way that makes you feel like you know these people and gives you all the more understanding into the makings of their fall. It is a definite must watch for any history buff or even just anyone who likes historical dramas (Reign, The Tudors, Poldark).

8. The Great British Baking Show

(Foodie Competition)

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The Great British Baking Show is a baking competition where in each episode a competitor is named “Star Baker” and another is eliminated. Each episode consists of three challenges set around a particular theme. The signature challenge is where bakers create a dish they have tried and tested in the past. Second is the technical challenge where they must bake using a recipe with minimal instruction, the dish is then judged and ranked compared to the rest in the group. The last challenge is the showstopper which requires bakers to not only work on flavors but create a showstopping presentation as well. The show has a certain comedic lightness to it despite being a competition show. The hosts are absolutely delightful and the bakers’ creating will have your mouth watering the whole time.

I hope that this varied list of Netflix originals helps you find the next series you want to binge. Plus, most of them are pretty short (classic Netflix style), so you can add them to your list for when you need a little break from the stress of this semester.