8 Local Shops Where You Should Do Your Holiday Shopping

‘Tis the season for giving! Since in Puerto Rico we have the longest Christmas celebrations, don’t feel pressured into giving gifts only on the 25th. We also have New Year’s and Three Kings Day on January 6th! In lieu of this, here are some great local shops and artisans you can support by buying gifts for your girlfriends!


1. Las Santas             

The foursome based in Mayaguez and San Germán that makes the earrings to die for and the bandanas that will turn any bad hair day into a good day! Read more about the girls on our feature article of Women Entrepreneurs and follow them on Instagram as lassantas4 to stay tuned on their new creations and sales!



2. Liberarte             

Straight from San Juan, Paola Libertad makes nature-inspired bracelets and necklaces that will suddenly make you want to sit down in lotus pose and breathe. Her collections, like the meditation bracelets and the Aura collection, are to die for. She uses crystals such as agate and rose quartz that emanate positive energy. To know more, follow her on instagram as paola.libertad.



3. Bongo Soap             


If you’re sick and tired of those average  soaps that make your skin feel heavy, Bongo is the guy for you. Right here in Mayaguez, he makes handmade soaps out of anything you can imagine: lavender and lemon, eucalyptus, mint, goat milk, strawberry and oatmeal, curcuma, sea algae, among others. He also sells essential oils, scrubs, and face masks. Visit his Facebook page to find out more about their sales, bundles, and all the benefits of their products!



4. Moriviví            

Valerie Ortiz is the founder of this shop and she specializes in beauty products made from essential oils and herbs. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram to see her soap and scrub collection. More recently, she has also launched new products which include natural bug repellents and natural remedies for skin conditions, such as acne and paño. She’s based in Mayagüez.


5. Loobanys Jewelry         


A Santurce pop up store that sells handmade jewelry with crystal beads and natural gemstones for the minimalist girl. Check them out on Instagram as loobanys.jewelry to have a look-see at their products.



6. The Bag PR                 

Based in Humacao, this shop sells handmade beauty products á la frank body. Check out their site, where you can see their variety of products such as Lip Fix Kits, Hair masks, clay masks, scrubs, and a special mask that cleanses your pores. Basically all that you could need for a spa day with the girls (or alone, or with your S.O.). You can also find them on instagram as the_bag_pr. They even have ATH Móvil as a payment method, which makes everything a lot easier.



7. Kleurë Cosmetics             


FINALLY! The cruelty-free, high-pigmented and local cosmetic line! Established in 2013, Kleurë Cosmetics, sells luxury mineral cosmetics as well as matte lipsticks. She also sells suntan oil, insect repellent, cleansers for all skin types, body splashes, candles, lotions, and much more! Find Kleurë on Instagram as kleurecosmetics and on their site.



(Left to right) Facial Cleanser, moisturizing cream and Body Splashes of Cabernet and Coconut.


8. Pieles by Rose

A skin care line that's handmade with natural and organic ingredients. If bar soap is not your thing, this shop sells shower gel in various delicious aromas. They also sell body splashes and body lotions. Check out their instagram pielesbyrose to get those gifts that everyone will love easily!



Happy Holidays, and remember to always always support your local shops and artisans! #ApoyaLoLocal