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8 Apps and Websites Every Colegial Should Know

8 Apps/Websites Every Colegial Should Know


Welcome and welcome back, new and old Colegiales! Every semester we learn new lessons but while learning is always fun, here are some lessons we have learned for you! These apps and websites will improve your Collegiette experience:

1. ATH Movil (App)

Sure, having cash and/or a credit card is great, but ATH Movil is so much more than that! Various banks and local cooperativas participate in this secure way to transfer money. This app is great save for when you forget your wallet or have to pay a friend back. Be sure to check out their website for participating banks!

2. Weather Channel (App/Website)

Unless you like getting wet unexpectedly or caring an umbrella when you don’t need it, this is an app every Colegial MUST HAVE. We recommend you check it plenty times a day, since Mayagüez takes the phrase: ‘If you don’t like this weather, wait 5 minutes’ as a promise and a threat.

3. Notaso (Website)

For prepas and for old Colegiales Notaso is great for researching and learning how to manage each professor. Almost every professor is featured on it, though most instructors aren’t. This is a must have not only for matrícula season but also during the entire semester.

4. Sentinel UPRM (App)

I had never heard of this app before but as soon as I did, I downloaded it immediately. Their website states the following, “Sentinel is an alert system created for the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. This mobile application aims to improve the quality of security in campus providing a quick and reliable

channel to communicate with the campus security and the rest of the community while in a dangerous event.” It is not available yet on PlayStore nor on the App Store, but it will be soon. For now one must download it through their website, uprm.edu/sentinel.

5. Foodtrack (App)

If you ever get tired of going to the same place, or not knowing where to go this app is perfect. You don’t even have to log in just enable your location and this will notify you of nearby restaurants. There are three choices, ‘Near Me,’ ‘By Category,’ and ‘After Hours.’ It’s an absolute life saver for everyone, Colegial or not.

6. DámeloPaLlevar (Instagram)

A food review page on Instagram by one of our own team members, José Horta. He unbiasedly reviews different food trucks and restaurants around the island, from chinchorritos to fancy restaurants. Definitely a must check before going to a restaurant.

7. Munchies X-Press

A student-run service that delivers you food from all your favorite local places, from Papalaya Food Truck to Bonsai Shushi Bar & Teppanyaki. Not only is it a great way to support local business and great entrepreneurs, it’s a great way to get you favorite munchies without leaving your post. Not only is it a local business, but it is also an eco-friendly business. Their carriers travel on bike so your need for munchies doesn’t hurt the environment. These Colegiales sure know how to help their fellow students and their enviorment!

8. Her Campus UPRM

Without a doubt we are your must have source for all things UPRM: campus activities, tips, and pretty much everything Colegio.



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