7 Things You Can Expect to Happen at Las Justas

It's safe to say that Las Justas de la Liga Atlética Interuniversitaria (LAI) are the most anticipated event of the year at Colegio. From the jangueo to the actual competitions that people fought so hard to get the tickets to, it’s a little too close to the Hunger Games. While there are uniquely treasured stories from every edition, there are certain things you can expect every year.

All photos by Hemphillian Photography.

1. Hearing great live music

There's no jangueo without good music and Las Justas never disappoints with its terrific musical guests. This year, acts like Bryant Myers and J-King & Maximan are coming down to Mayagüez to party down with us.

2. Getting together with friends after the friendly competition

Las Justas bring people from all over Puerto Rico and while we are all obviously rooting for our own university and want to shout at the top of our lungs we belong to Colegio, at the end of the day we want to have a great jangueo. Expect to see people with different colored jerseys all joined together by their love of two things: cheap Medallas and perreo.

3. Casually reminding everyone that you bleed green and white

Colegio is the best and we will let you know.

4. Waiting an hour to go to the bathroom

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes because the lines to both the events and el jangueo are sure to keep you waiting at least an hour.

5. Cheap booze everywhere

Lots of bars come up with really good special offers on cheap booze to maximize your jangueo without breaking you bank. One of the places that is definitely worth a mention is Jarana, which will be having PJ Sin Suela to perform, as well as having great deals on drinks, food and its well known for its stage. Many bars offer great Happy Hours options, Piña Dulce (good shots), Tijolos (great mojitos), La Jibarita, and many more!

6. Seeing the most unexpected people en la calle

You know that super-quiet nerdy kid that sits front row in you BioChem lecture? Yeah, even they'll be at Las Justas, and we can guarantee they'll be the one taking the most shots and enjoying the night to the fullest. Who knew they could be that fun?

7. Our Banda Colegial bringing down the house with their performance

Everyone, and we mean everyone, anxiously awaits our Marching Band's performance year after year, regardless of their school's colors. And how could they not? They kill it year after year! Check out their jaw-dropping performance last year, and be sure to tune in to this year's performance, which they're sure to top. Skip ahead to 10:15 to hear the entire stadium singing along to the R-rated version of our alma mater. Oops! Antes, ahora y siempre...¡COLEGIO!