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7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

Finding a good and worthy show to watch is kind of hard nowadays considering the wide variety of series available online. Maybe you’re like me and have a hard time finding one that you actually enjoy, or you also think that there’s no animated series worth watching these days. However, I’m about to let you in on a secret...there is one series absolutely worth watching that you will want to finish in a day. Avatar: The Last Airbender was aired in 2005; it’s, without a doubt, a series that everyone should watch at least once—you’ll want to watch it more than once—and the best part is that it’s available on Netflix. So, here’s a couple of reasons why you should watch this amazing show. 

1. Short Episodes

Most people don’t enjoy having to watch shows that have long episodes because it can easily get boring, or they may get distracted faster. One good thing about Avatar is that it’s episodes last less than 30 minutes (except for the last episodes of each season, which is pretty reasonable). Also, the series only has three seasons and each one has less than 20 episodes; this makes the show easier and more fun to watch. It additionally makes the series faster to watch and leaves the spectator wanting more. 

2. Heartwarming Chapters

Some people are not fans of emotional or sentimental content, but this show has just the perfect number of heartwarming moments that don’t make it feel too sobby. Even though it’s an animated show, the characters express their feelings in such a way that leaves the spectator in awe. This makes you fall in love with them; characters such as Uncle Iroh and Zuko will for sure steal your heart. 

3. Mastering Elements

Sometimes it’s cool to watch something that has some sort of magic in it, or sometimes it can be too fictional. ATLA definitely has a way of putting a bit of magic in such a cool and captivating way. In the show, some people are born with the ability to master an element (earth, water, fire, and air), and these people are called benders. It’s interesting to watch how the characters portray the different types of elements without coming off as too fictional. Spoiler alert: the Avatar is the only person with the ability to master all four elements. 

4. Character Development 

ATLA probably has the best character development in animation history. One of the greatest, fan-favorite arcs belongs to the exiled Prince Zuko. From the beginning of the show, Zuko’s character takes you on a sort of roller coaster because he is very unpredictable. You may find yourself hating on Prince Zuko, and if you start watching it, you probably won’t believe that he can become one of your favorite characters. Zuko will truly leave you confused and at the same time in awe, but he for sure has one of the best character developments, and this can be seen throughout the whole show. If you are curious and want to find out more about Prince Zuko’s development, I recommend you watch Episode 19 from Book 3 called “Sozin’s Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters,” and I promise you won’t regret it. 

5. Valuable Lessons

It’s nice to see something that’s meant for entertainment and simultaneously teaches you a lesson. That’s one of the best things about Avatar; it has hidden and direct messages or lessons in almost each episode. An animated series that’s fun and teaches you something? Who doesn’t want to watch that? Avatar talks about important things such as: patience, family, forgiveness, second opportunities and many other wonderful things.  These are valuable lessons that make you fall in love with the show even more.

6. Age Friendly 

Even though ATLA aired on Nickelodeon, which is a TV platform for children, absolutely anyone can watch this series. I would for sure say it’s made for all ages because both a 7-year-old and a 21-year-old can enjoy it—or even a 40-year-old. This is because of the way the show was made; it has content that anyone can watch and understand. Its episodes are so intriguing, action-packed, heartwarming, and even shocking that it makes it so easy for anyone to love. However, I think that younger audiences may not be able to appreciate it to its fullest due to not being able to recognize the actual lessons or messages of the show, but they will definitely get to see how fun it is and enjoy its action filled episodes. 

7. Diversity

Another amazing thing about Avatar is that it is not white-washed like most animated series. It has a variety of diverse characters, which is truly important when we take into consideration whether a show is worthy or not. Speaking of diversity, it also portrays four nations (based on the elements) throughout the series. From the airbenders and firebenders to the waterbenders and earthbenders, ATLA shows us these four nations in all their glory. It’s so interesting to reflect on how they were based on four different cultures. This series truly portrays diversity in such a cool and fascinating way.

My name is Susana and I am a Comparative Literature student at UPRM. I'm in love with pretty much anything related to art and you will definitely catch me melting over any type of animal.
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