6 Ways To Bring Damaged Hair Back To Life

After a lot of bleaching and dyeing my hair, it became dry, brittle and it was a split end galore. I’m obsessed with my hair and it was eating me alive that my hair wasn’t as healthy as it could be. So, I had to dive deep into the ocean that is proper hair care. I’ve spent the past few months experimenting obsessively, trying out new products and routines to try and nurse my hair back to health. The following are what have worked for my hair and I’m pretty happy with how it looks and feels.

1. Natural Oils Remember the split end galore? Coconut oil is the guy for that. We have all heard about the miracles of coconut oil, but they are true, it is the Jesus of oils. It helps repair your hair, moisturizes to make it shiny and full, and even stimulates hair growth. This is because coconut oil is 94% fat which makes it better at penetrating into your hair. It is also high in vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc, and iron, which help to promote scalp health. Moreover, I used Black Castor Oil mainly to stimulate hair growth and I try to look for products with it in them. It has omega 9 and 6 fatty acids that help blood circulation to the scalp which promote hair growth. Sometimes bleach can make your scalp dry, which causes itchiness and that can lead to some painful consequences. Likewise, peppermint oil can help heal a dry scalp, this is because it has a lot of antioxidants which protects your scalp. It also has that good minty sensation which soothes your scalp.

2. Hair Masks Hair masks are usually seen as a “treat yourself” kind of thing and not as a sound way to keep your hair healthy all the time. Masks don’t have to stay in your spa day, they should be incorporated into your routine. I use Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore treatment masque weekly. A hair mask is a great way to add more nutrients into your hair. They pack a punch of nutrients, oils and butters that moisturize and revitalize your hair.

3. Hot Oil Treatments By massaging the oil into your scalp it helps stimulate blood flow, which helps stimulate hair growth. This same process helps eliminate the possibility of dandruff, and it also helps prevent dry scalp. When the hot oil penetrates the hair, it smooths adding shine while also rehabilitating split ends. It also helps to limit the damage of hair dying and heat styling because symply it returns the oil back to your hair. The way your hair feels, long term, will also improve since it is essentially reversing the extraction of oil from your hair.

4. TrimsEverybody always mentions the importance of trimming your hair, and as annoying as it sounds, it is true. Trimming your ends is really important because you are eliminating all the more damaged parts of your hair, allowing your hair to grow healthily. Even if you might hate trimming your hair and it may be traumatic, if you don’t, your hair won’t grow as healthy. It helps the look and feel of your hair, plus it will look thicker!

5. Deep Conditioning

You might think hair masks and deep conditioning are the same, but they are not.lthough slightly similar, deep conditioners penetrate your hair much better. They help prevent breakage by adding moisture with proteins and natural oils, so they make your hair less brittle. Some of the damage done to your hair can’t be fully repaired, but deep conditioning can help with the process of mending it. It also restores shine to your hair by hydrating it and it helps preserve the color of your hair if you dye it. Because of its restorative properties to your hair, it also prevents frizz.

6. Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner makes your hair easier to detangle hence making it less likely for your hair to break when combing. Depending on which leave-in you use, which nutrients, oils and proteins it has or the specific purpose of the leave-in, it will reinvigorate your hair by restoring shine and moisture. If implemented into your routine and done regularly, it will strengthen your hair, since it is constantly absorbing the proteins and nutrients your hair needs to revive it.

Most hair gets damaged by heat styling and dyeing, all of which strips hair of nutrients, oils and subsequently causes it to break. The way to nurse your hair back to health is by using products that bring nutrients back into your hair. It is all about rehabilitating your hair, trying to regain the oil and nutrients that were lost. Before you decide to chop your damaged hair off, you might want to give some intensive conditioning and oil treatment a try. Sometimes all your hair needs is a little extra love to gain that shine and luster your hair might’ve lost.