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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.

1. Ryan Reynolds portrays the character perfectly.

Ryan Reynolds does such an incredible job of giving life to the character, there’s is literally no way anybody else could be as funny.

2. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall.

Deadpool understands he is a character from an imagined world, therefore, he managed to make the viewers part of the movie. By talking directly to the audience while the events occur on screen, instead of just allowing them to see it. This surely gives the movie a twist making it a unique character inside the Marvel Universe. 


3. It is rated R.

Since the anti-hero has a big imagination and has no filter, the R rating allows him to be himself and talk freely without restrictions, giving the viewers a full taste of Deadpool’s personality. Plus, who doesn’t love a lot of sarcastic humor with bad words and a huge amount of honesty?

PS: Have your ID ready because they may ask to see it if you seem too young to be watching this movie.


4. Once again action and comedy were mixed together flawlessly.

If you though the first movie was hilarious, you are going to love this second one. It has double the amount of comedy. They created a second storyline with double the action and double the comedy, making an amazing choice. So much so that even Celine Dion loves him


5. It introduces new female superhero characters.

Negasonic, who we saw in the previous film, brought along her girlfriend to this second movie. Also, as part of Deadpool’s X Force, he hired Domino, a woman with luck as her super power. 


6. A whole new storyline with new dimensions of Deadpool.

Due to the fact that the character was introduced in the first movie (and the introduction of characters is usually boring) many may think that we have seen all the dimensions to the character and the storyline will just be different. If you were one of those people, then you were proved wrong. During this second installment, he doesn’t only lose his true love after finally getting her back her, yet he creates a league, called the X-Force, in order to save who seems to be like a son to him.


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