6 Hacks to Organize Your Room

Summer vacations have ended and it’s time to go back to our regular school activities. Going back to school can be a little rough, especially if you just moved to a new place where you don't have as much space as you used to, but whether you’re a freshman, recently moved dorms, or want to organize your room a little better, here are some hacks.  



1. Corkboard


These are great to keep pictures and to-do lists visible. Not only are they good at keeping you organized, but they also serve as vision boards and keep you motivated.


2. Baskets for Toiletries & Makeup



These can be helpful to keep all of your products in one place and organized, as well not taking up as much space.


3. Drawer Dividers


These can help you to maximize the space of your drawers, as well as keeping them organized.


4. Multi-Use Bookshelf


A multi-use bookshelf can help you organize your books (duh!), but also can store clothes (the little fabric drawers are from Walmart), and other objects.


5. Plastic Shoe Rack Behind the Door


By being stored behind the door, it takes no space at all! Plus, it can store your toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.


6. Plastic Containers



They’re great to store makeup collections, keep your office or school supplies organized and easy to reach, and store shoes while keeping them dust free. They can even be stored under the bed to save you more space.