6 Databases to Find Your Next Research Experience

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article titled “Why Everyone Should Participate in Undergraduate Research,” where I explained some of the reasons why research can be a beneficial experience even for those who have no plans to continue with graduate studies. As a follow-up article, here is a list of six databases that can help you find your next research or internship opportunity for next summer. Applications usually close sometime in the spring so this is the perfect moment to start looking through all of the listings available. Good luck!


The National Science Foundation has an entire database on research opportunities ranging from astronomical sciences, business, social and psychological sciences, engineering, mathematical sciences, and more.


Leadership Alliance

The Leadership Alliance has a summer research program that aims to mentor undergraduate students in fields ranging from physical sciences to humanities. As a plus, the Leadership Alliance hosts this program as a fully paid opportunity in many different institutions across the country.


CIC Big Ten Academic Alliance

This is another great resource for careers in government, business, and nonprofit organizations. Other than their programs in universities within the U.S., they also have programs abroad!


Pathways to Science

Searching through all of these databases, one of the most surprising things I have found is that there is not only a wealth of opportunities in science but also in the arts and humanities. Pathways to Science has opportunities on pretty much any field you can imagine.


Amgen Scholars

This program is hosted within the U.S., Europe, and Japan. This one is more science focused, but you do not need to be a biology major to apply to this research opportunity.



The California Institute of Technology hosts a summer research program for visiting students through the Amgen Scholars program. Also, their research fields mainly focus on chemistry, biology, and biotechnology.