5 Travel Hacks for Your Next Adventure

This summer I traveled across the Northeast of the United States. Although I’m no stranger to travel, this time I wouldn’t just be taking a roundtrip to New York. Through a series of flights, trains, and road trips, I visited Virginia, Maryland, Boston, and finally, Maine. Along the way I picked up a few tips and tricks, so here are my five travel hacks...

1. Be flexible.

Flight delays and cancellations do happen. Be patient, but never be afraid of negotiating your way into a different flight if it does get cancelled. Also, always pack an extra set of clothes in your handbag just in case you get stuck overnight in an airport or your suitcase gets lost.

2. Uber and Lyft are your best friends.

Taxi fares are high. Uber and Lyft’s fares are often cheaper and they show you upfront how much a ride will cost before you reserve it. However, Consumer Reports mentions how Uber and Lyft are known to boost up fare costs when demand or traffic is high. In such cases, it would be better to consider getting a taxi, as their fares are a set price. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to download both apps to check out which offers you a better deal.  

Pro Tip: If you’re heading to an area without phone service, you probably won’t be able to use the Uber or Lyft app.  So, just call a taxi company to pick you up.  Don’t go into the woods and expect to have phone service. Take it from someone who knows.

3. In-flight entertainment.

Netflix downloads are the greatest thing since sliced bread. According to Travel + Leisure, since 90% of passengers bring their own devices, most airlines have already removed or are removing seat-back monitors from their domestic bound planes. That means no complimentary in-flight entertainment. Make sure to download your favorite shows or movies at home though, airport WiFi is slow and unreliable.

4. Always travel with your passport.

Aside from being one of the best IDs, as it serves as the ultimate proof of citizenship, passports can save your butt. In the event that your plane changes its course and makes an emergency landing in a country outside U.S. territory due to a mechanical malfunction or the weather, having your passport allows you to make the necessary connections on your own to reach your destination. Without your passport, you would have to wait in a transit room at the airport until the airline can accommodate you on another flight.

5. Learn about where you’re going.

Before traveling, I usually look for travel vlogs through YouTube. This is a great way to get a feel of the local culture and places that you should definitely check out. Or even going on Google Maps and “walking” up and down the main street of the place you’re visiting can be helpful.

I highly recommend watching Louis Cole, he’s a British Youtuber and runs a channel called FunForLouis. He’s been traveling the world and vlogging his adventures for more than five years. Louis captures the beauty and life of everywhere he goes, from California to Cuba and South Africa to North Korea.