5 Tips from a Fourth Year Colegial

Welcome prepas! College looks like a scary place full of obstacles. But one thing is for certain, it’s not impossible. So take a deep breath and take note of this five key advices from a fourth year Colegial that’s been through thick and thin.  

1. Comfort is your best friend.  

Leggings are great and most labs accept them, shorts let you feel the breeze while walking, and sneakers are a must for those unannounced rainy days. Don’t forget your jacket for some classrooms and you’re set!

2.  Class participation is key.

Sometimes we know the answer to a question and we don’t say it from fear of being incorrect. We are here to learn, it’s okay to be wrong sometimes, so speak up your mind.

3.  Extracurriculars? Yes please!

Join associations, clubs, and any extracurricular activity you can. When I was a prepa someone told me to wait until my second year, and I ended up joining this semester. Don’t shy away from great opportunities for growth.

4. Professors don’t bite.

Ask them questions, visit them in their office hours, send them emails, and participate in class. Show them that you’re interested in their class and that you want to do well. Most of them do consider that extra effort while giving you the grade at the end of the semester.

5. You can do this and so much more.

College is one of the most transcendent places you will encounter. So make sure to enjoy every moment, let yourself grow as the adult you’re becoming, and don’t look back. Stay focused and keep moving forward because the sky is no longer the limit.