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5 Thrift Shops to Visit in the West of Puerto Rico

If you enjoy buying clothes, books, antiques or furniture you can definitely benefit from this list of amazing second-hand shops. Buying at these stores contributes to local businesses and allows you to help the planet by rejecting fast fashion brands. Check this list to make our planet better while saving some money in the process. 

1. Tienda de Economía Salvation Army, Ponce

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is located in Ponce, Puerto Rico on Calle Mayor. I have visited this store only once, but it’s one of my favorites because of the wide variety of items they have. They have products ranging from any type of clothing, books, shoes, and furniture to jewelry, decoration, purses, and many other wonderful things. The staff is really nice, and they have everything organized into sections which makes it easier to browse the items. In fact, many people from around the island tend to visit this shop because of its amazing products. I can’t wait to visit it again!

2. El Thrift Shop, Hormigueros

Instagram: elthriftstop

This shop is located at the Carr #2 Km 164 Marginal Bo Lavedero Sur in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico, and it is also one of my favorites. The first time I visited was very overwhelming because of the variety of books they had. I could not decide on which ones to look at because they had so many awesome options. They also have a clothing section, but I have to admit the books and antiques are much more interesting, especially the giant Grito de Lares poster they have for sale on their wall. I wanted to take the poster home so bad, but I ended up scoring some beautiful decorative plates and paintings. With that said, anyone should visit this shop because it’s like traveling back in time.  

3. Te toca a Ti Tienda

Facebook: Te toca a Ti  

Right at 29 Calle Carbonell, Esquina Barbosa in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico you will find Te Toca a Ti, a thrift shop with such a cute name. I happened to be walking down that street the other day and spotted this beauty, but sadly I could not visit it. However, I did some online research and got to see all the cool stuff the store has for sale. It was just…wow. So many vintage finds such as: dish sets, glass cups, vases, planters, lamps, fabrics, and anything else you can possibly imagine. This is one of those places that are considered hidden gems because not many people know of their existence nor of the variety of products available for sale. I am for sure planning to visit this shop soon!  

4. Thrift Earthy 

Instagram: thrift.earthy  

Located in the historic city of San Germán, Puerto Rico on 20 Calle Felix Arce Lugo is this thrift store that is perfect for fashion lovers. You can pretty much find a diversity of clothes that are made for anyone to wear. The wonderful thing about this shop is its objective to help the planet while contributing to slow fashion. Amazing, right? I wish I could’ve visited this shop, but I peeked through its Instagram and it has some beautiful secondhand pieces that are totally worth it. This one is also on my list of second hand stores I must visit. Make sure to check out their Instagram where you can purchase from them online! 

5. Lajas Vintage and Thrift Shop 

Facebook: Lajas Vintage and Thrift Shop

If you are visiting La Parguera, make sure to also stop by Calle Regimiento 65 de Infantería Edificio Edison Lluch in Lajas, Puerto Rico to take a trip back in time. At this shop you will most definitely find vintage and antique pieces that are worth buying. You will probably fall in love with all the beautiful dish sets that look like stuff our grandparents owned—at least I definitely did! So, if you are into vintage finds this is the place for you. Check out their Facebook to see all the amazing things I’ve mentioned before.   

In all of these stores you will most definitely find stunning second hand products while simultaneously supporting local businesses. These are just a few of the many thrift shops on the island, but they are totally worth visiting and I hope you get the chance to explore them!

My name is Susana and I am a Comparative Literature student at UPRM. I'm in love with pretty much anything related to art and you will definitely catch me melting over any type of animal.
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