5 Things You Had Instead of an iPhone When You Were a Kid

When you look around restaurants or the mall you can’t help but notice all of these six-to-twelve year olds that have an iPhone 7 Plus while you’ve had the same iPhone 5 for the last three years. One can’t help but reminisce about those childhood days when we had to use a home phone to talk to our friends or not being able to use the phone at all because you were gonna connect to the Worldwide Web. Here’s what you had instead of an iPhone growing up:

1. CD Player

It’s crazy to think that we carried this thing around along with a little purse full of CDs because God forbid you were in a long car ride and forgot RBD's latest album.

2. Game Boy

The best afternoons of one’s childhood were spent playing Pokémon on the Game Boy.

3. Fake Computer

They sure had no use, but there was nothing cooler than carrying one around and showing it off to your friends.

4. DS Chat Room

It’s true that you had to be close to your friends to chat with the DS, but that’s the closest thing we had to texting back then. This is truly the OG group chat.  

5. Actually going outside

Playing hide-and-seek, riding the bike, and all of those fun outside activities that I never took part of because I was a couch potato... but the other kids seemed to have fun.