5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Sign Language

Imagine living in a world where there’s no sound, constantly having to read lips and being misjudged because you have a different form of communicating. This is a typical day for people who suffer from deafness and it can be difficult to communicate efficiently when there is no common language shared with the people who surround you.

ASL, also known as American Sign Language, is one of the fourth most studied languages in the United States. It has become a popular subject, and with good reason. In order to build a bridge between hearing and deaf people, communication needs to be established. Here are 5 reasons why you should learn American Sign Language (ASL):


1. You Get to Learn a New Language

Adding a new language to your knowledge always makes you evolve as a human being and in this particular case, it can let you have a conversation with a more diverse group of people.

2. Facilitating the Bridge between Deaf and Hearing

People who are deaf always have to adjust to the commodities of hearing people. I believe that in order to make a change in this world, people should learn to communicate and understand each other’s languages as well as their own. Make an effort and learn something new!

3. Have a Conversation in a Crowded Room

We all know how difficult it is to have a conversation when there’s a lot of people and noise going on in the room. ASL lets you communicate without the need to speak, you’ll be able to use your hands and get the conversation flowing.

4. Diversify Your Group of Friends

There’s nothing better than to have a diverse group of friends where every one of them integrates something different to the group. The union of both hearing and deaf people can be one of the most beautiful friendships to have. Dare yourself to interact with both parties!

5. It’s a Beautiful Language

This language is one that is expressive, distinctive, and beautiful in its own way. Having a language that can be expressed with the movement of your hands rather than a voice, is an amazing accomplishment waiting to be learned by more people. Learn to expand your horizons and become part of something unique. I assure you it will be worth the effort!