5 Places to Eat at 5 Días

5 Días con Nuestra Tierra is an agricultural, educational fair that’s been part of Colegio since 1977. Currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the fair is not only known for the agricultural theme and artesanías, but also for it’s locally sourced food. Every year local food companies are brought to the fair where students, professors and the Puerto Rican public comes to enjoy the diverse food selection the fair has to offer. Here are the five places you need to check out at this year’s fair!

1. El Platanal

After 19 years of participation at 5 Días, El Platanal is known to every Colegial for their famous arañitas rellenas. The crowd favorite has a variety of meat to go with their famous dish like; BBQ Chicken and Fried Pork. If meat is not for you, they also offer shrimp and octopus with their arañitas. El Platanal also offers pinchos as a light snack you can enjoy while making your way through the fair.


2. Sabor Limón

Sabor Limón is the original lemonade stand of 5 Días. With them being a part of the fair for over five years, Sabor Limón consists of four flavors: original lemonade, passion fruit, coconut and the crowd favorite, strawberry lemonade! Sabor Limón is the it drink of the fair and every Colegial knows that the best way to drink it is with the company of a plantain basket! So what are you waiting? Get to 5 Días and try it for yourself!


3. Panawest  

If you are a vegetarian or simply taking a break from meat, Panawest is the place for you. In their second year at 5 Días, Panawest is offering their delicious veggie burger which you can have by itself or you can add some panas. #EntrePanasSePasaMejor adds your choice of French Fries and drink. The choices of French Fries include: malanga, sweet potato and pana.


4. Frituras!

You can never go wrong with a traditional Bacalaito frito! Frituras has been part of 5 Días for 12 years, and as their name states, they sell frituras which include Bacalaitos fritos, Alcapurrias, Piononos, Sorullitos, and, their top sellers, Empanadilla de Pizza. If you are in the mood for some fritura goodness head to Frituras, they’ve got your back.


5. Shake the 50’s

This is their first year at 5 Días! They have been around for six months as a part of the Mayagüez Food Truck Court, though they have now parted ways. Shake the 50’s is a local food truck that offers milkshakes and blackouts. They have a variety of milkshake flavors, from the classic vanilla or chocolate, to strawberry shortcake and caramel or your favorite cookies. So if you’re looking for something delicious and sweet, Shake the 50’s won’t let you down.