5 Facts You NEED to Know About The Incredibles 2 

After a fourteen-year wait and waaay too many teaser trailers in a year, more than we can all take, finally coming to theaters in June 2018 it's THE INCREDIBLES 2. If you are a super fan, like I am, you would have probably looked out for as many facts as possible about this long awaited movie. Here are some that I have found!


1. The premiere date was changed.

The sequel was actually due to premiere on June 21, 2019. The 2019 date is now taken by Toy Story 4.


2. After fifteen years of waiting, some people have died.

Elizabeth Peña, who gives life to Mirage, died in 2014. Will her character make an appearance in the sequel with another voice or will she just be forgotten?


3. Due to puberty, some voices were forced to be changed.

Huck Milner will replace Spencer Fox on the voice of Dash. If only they would have made the characters all grown up, this would have not been necessary.


4. All human-cast.

It is the third Pixar film with an all human cast. The first being The Incredibles and the second one Brave.


5. The reason behind the movie.

Brad Bird developed The Incredibles based on his struggle while trying to find balance between work and family.


PS: Rumor has it that the theaters will sell commemorative cups just like they have done with the Marvel movies. But *SHHHHH* you didn’t hear it from me.

This made me even more excited to start the countdown for the most awaited movie of my life. Let the theaters be full with the kids that have been waiting a long time for this movie!